See How This Singer From India Has Talked Sensibly And Appreciated Pakistan.


Pakistan has won the big trophy and won the hearts of not only Pakistanis but Indians also  and now Indians are winning the hearts by either sending great wishes or by being really sensible.

First, Archana Mohan managed to win our hearts now its the haal-e-dil from murder 2 fame singer Harshit Saxena. He released a video pleading Indians to stop the childish behavior and telling them that its about time that they start showing some maturity and grace.

He mentioned the behavior of his cricket legends and compared it to ours as well as the behavior of their media which in simple terms is rude and now is reaching new levels of ridiculous. He mentioned the calm and mature behavior of our legendary cricketer Shoaib Akhtar. In his video he mainly targeted the behavior of Virendar Sehwag,who initially started the Beta,Pota debate  which then escalated to new levels.

He released the video on his face book page with the caption in which he requested to watch the full video and then judge. he started the video by saying that since the ICT started, all people on both sides of border are doing is watching match and then not missing anything to troll and humiliate. He talked about how Indians have stopped respecting others when they used to be a really respectful nation. He mentioned the behavior of Virendar Sehwag and Media. Their behavuior is really low  towards Pakistanis and instead of keeping cricket the main focus and discussing it  with sportsman spirit,they have started taking digs at personal level.How  Virendar Sehwag was throwing insults at Shoaib Akhtar and starting dragging cities of Pakistan into the conversation and humiliating him where in Shoaib response just kept on saying that he wishes well for both teams and hopes that there will be good cricket played  with great enthusiasm and that he always got tons of   love and respect from Indian fans so he has massive respect for Indians which he also depicted with his mature and humble behavior by ignoring the slurs of Sehwag who is thought to be legend.


He said its a matter of shame that when two legends are discussing cricket, discussing the weak and strong points of both teams as well as the previous statistics and you just can not start insulting them on their face and especially when the other person is not responding in the way you want. He said that it is highly against etiquette of speech to do what Mr. Sehwag did on live talk show prior to the Champion’s trophy. He also said that we should not bring the war going on at the border in to cricket and let it stay there.

He also brought the attention on media that  they try their best to fuel both sides and not only of the cricket analysts by also of the people of their country. They try to ignite the emotions of people. He said people should be passionate about cricket only and not see who wins and loses,definitely everyone supports their respective teams but losing and winning is a part of the game and we should watch cricket with supports man spirit and celebrate cricket as a game. He stressed a lot on the positive attitude of Pakistanis. He said Pakistani team was inexperienced but we should be careful about not bad mouthing them. He said Indians should not say anything not only against  Pakistan but not against Bangladesh as well and it does not suit a legend like Virendar Sehwag to say provoking things which also infuriated Rashid Latif.

He also praised the young Pakistani team ans said that they reminded him of the Pakistans’s golden era and Wasim Akram,Shoaib Akhtar and Waqar Younis. It made him nostalgic of old days and Pakistani bowling. and 92’s world cup. He said our people look alike and have same way of celebrating by running in the ground with the flag.So, why this much hate,we also used to live together.

He ended the video by saying that we all should give respect and love each other like before partitioning and pointing fingers at each other only makes us look small infront of all. He also praised the efforts of Indian team saying winning or losing is a part of the game and should take it lightly and care about the sentiments of every human.

He caption the video with “IT IS THE GAME WHICH HAS WON” . By releasing the video,he has won many hearts today because of the strength in his points and their clear sensibility arising the hope that there still is possibility of loving each other on both sides of the border.

There is no sensible person who wouldn’t agree with him. He is absolutely right about everything. If media had been this sensible and had not played with the emotions of people, one life that was wasted in India wouldn’t have been wasted. The boy who committed might have been alive today if not for the reckless behavior of media.


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