Serve Your Family Happily


Ramadan is a month of pledges; the kind of those that are going to last throughout the year. Ramadan is a month of transformations; the type of ones that will leave you with a better version of yourself for the entire life. Ramadan is a month of purification; that not only purifies you physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Ramadan is a blessing in it’s true essence.

If there is one pledge you could make this Ramadan it couldn’t be better than this: Serve your family happily. These few words are surely going to change the whole paradigm of your actions. Next time, when you cook food for your family, do it happily. When you leave your home for work, do it wholeheartedly. When you do the household chores, do it willingly. Whatever you do, do it cheerily. Because it isn’t about you and people rather it’s about you and your Lord.

Just going through a few Ramadan lectures, it reminded of how our little deeds turnout to be so blessed only if done with the intention of pleasing Lord. For every action make Lord your intention. This will generate a long lasting impact. Our Lord is surely going to reward us for that in ways that are unimaginable. The problems arsie, when we expect our recompense from the people. We expect them to return the benefits, approvals or applauds. When this doesn’t happen, we shatter. We need to understand that people can never compensate us. Human beings are weak like the way we ourselves. Don’t work for such a low degree. Work for the higher rather the highest degree. Work for the one who is The Best. Work for the one who is The Most Generous. Expect your reward from Him and he is going to reward you from means that are beyond your comprehension.

Let’s owe to serve our families in a more loving and caring way. Let’s owe to treat others like the way we want others to treat us. Let’s owe to be better human beings for ourselves, our families and our society.

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