Shahid Afridi Gesture Towards An Indian Fan While Clicking A Photo Is Truly Amazing And Has Won The Hearts Of Many People


Sahibzada Shahid Khan Afridi is truly the name which you cannot skip while talking about Cricket. The man conquered the game and represented Pakistan in the most successful way possible. Even after his retirement , he continues being the face of Pakistan, Representing the land pf Greens.

Currently Afridi is captaining team Royals at IceCricket tournament happening in Estonia. Because of his success and hard work he has made many fans all over the World. Even the worst enemy of Pakistan i.e India (due to political reasons) is full of Afridi’s lovers.

Everyone’s love towards Shahid is increasing because of his respective attitude towards his fans.

So recently people are applauding the great gesture of Shahid towards an Indian fan.


As most of the players from different countries are in Estonia for clashing head to head in ice cricket, so fans have also turned their noses towards Estonia and are already their. Recently when Afridi was passing by, many of his loved ones were standing their including Indians. So when Afridi was passing an Indian girl stopped him and asked him for a pic, Afridi stopped at the moment, while taking the photo, he saw the Indian flag in the hands of that girl which was enfolded. After taking the picture he said to the girl to open the flag, she opened and Afridi took another picture with that girl along with the Indian Flag. Despite all the hate which is still seperating the two nations, Shahid still took the picture with the Indian girl and a bright Indian flag. This shows how respectful the guy is. This awesome gesture from shahid khan has truimphed the whole of social media along with the hearts of his fans.

In a recent interview Afridi mentioned that,” Politicians should do what they are supposed to do, but we sportspersons can play a bigger role in better relations between India and Pakistan. He also appreciated Virat Kohli, ” Kohli is a fantastic human being and an ambassador of cricket for his country. He has always showed me alot of respect and has even gone out of his way to present a signed jersey for my foundation”. Players like Shahid  and Virat Kohli are playing a vital role in getting rid of hate among the two nations and building a good relation between them.

In a game of sports where their was no need to bring political affairs, bu because of extereme angered masses unfortunately this happened which has made us hate the Indians or VICE VERSA.

Afridi has once again did something really well which has made Pakistanis proud. Thank You Shahid Afridi.


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