Shahnaz Sheikh And Her Daughter-in-law Are Giving Us Major Family Goals

Shahnaz Sheikh

Remember your old PTV days favourite Shahnaz Sheikh from Tanhaiyan and Ankahi? Obviously you do because she was not someone, people can forget easily.

Her charm was unique and her beauty was crazy. She had got the style yet lots of innocence all around her face. With her voice, she can do wonders and with her acting, she already had won many hearts.

Shahnaz Sheikh did very less dramas and left the Pakistani Drama Industry very sooner. Still, with just two to three plays most probably, she managed to live in the people’s hearts even till today.

It’s just not possible to forget the outclass acting of Shahnaz Sheikh in Ankahi and we can still recall many hilarious scenes from the serial and how the superstar of her time performed them well.

Shahnaz Sheikh

Coming towards Tanhaiyan, playing the role of Marina Khan’s elder sister, she left the audience mesmerized with her amazing acting.

Shahnaz Sheikh

However, it’s been years and years that we haven’t seen Shahnaz Sheikh on the screen as she has left the acting but we really adore her even today and want to see her more and more no matter on or off the screen.

Shahnaz Sheikh

There are few pictures of the present life of Shahnaz Sheikh in even today’s digital world on the social media but these few are enough for her fans who miss her even today.

Shahnaz Sheikh

Recently, Shahnaz Sheikh has been pictured with her daughter-in-law (according to the Nishsays) and both give us major family goals.

Shahnaz Sheikh
Shahnaz Sheikh and her daughter-in-law

Like hardly in Pakistan you can witness mother-in-law and daughter-in-law posing perfectly for a picture.

But you can expect good things from Shahnaz Sheikh and she will never disappoint you. The picture depicts a healthy relation between both the ladies and it’s actually really amazing.

Both are wearing beautiful colours and got lots of class and elegance. Shahnaz is apprising the definition of being sober and decent with her style just like always and her daughter-in-law is giving you all the looks of calm and pleasant youth.

To be honest, they both look more like mother-daughter than saas-bahu and this is the real beauty of this click in which both the ladies give you family goals.

However, we hope to see more from Shahnaz’s side as we love to have her glimpses days after days.

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