Shahveer Jafry’s Nikkah Pictures Were Just A Prank & Everyone Was Like ROFL.


Shahveer jafry’s Nikkah News caught fire & it kept drooling like an uncontrollable river. Girls were literally crying over this news as their huge crush was no more single, but there’s something for all.






Lekin Sachai Kuch Aur Thi Khawaateen O Hazraat!




He Played A Prank On Us.

Congratulation Girls Your Crush Is SINGLE!





Here’s the complete VLOG of his April Fool’s Prank.


Jab SB Ne April Fool Manaya Tou Shahveer Bhi Peechay Na Rahay.😅


He stunned us with a hilarious April Fool’s Prank & We can’t stop laughing. Watch this video & tell us how much it was funny for you guys.


Shahveer Be like 




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