“She did not fear”


“I am what the terrorist most fear”
Benazir Bhutto 1953-2007

The lady who left inspiration and a path clear to the roots of the country, the lady who did not just speak out the voice of poor but held their hand and sanity towards a brighter future, was bullet down to death labelled for being a ‘culprit’ to leading hands to a better Pakistan for ALL.

Benazir, is not just a name in history but a great example of will power and confidence. Yet no less than a leader the country has lost.
Politics seems like drama to most of us today and most of us leave news channels to our parents interest or more of gossiping topics rather searching deep into the realistic view of it. Benazir is the name that yet changed the thought and made every individual believe that there is hope and there is place for ALL voices to be heard. This woman did not fight for her ‘party’ or for her ‘people’. She fought for a Pakistan. A dream billions bled for, she fought for that Pakistan and bled herself to nothing but sorrow.
Looking into the life of Mrs. Zardari, you won’t find a single time phase she had spent peacefully after joining her Dad, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto into the dream and mission of Pakistan.

Her dad was hanged for a crime he had not committed, yet she continued to hold on to the dream. Her brother was targeted for reasons not valid, she still continued. Her husband was jailed for years and she was blamed for crimes that had no prove and was blamed over controversial inquiries. Yet, she did not leave the dream. She did not leave her nation into the hands that were dirty with the blood of the innocent.
Very well, she knew the threats and all the years she had suffered in every way, she knew things were not easy but she maintained her pace not caring about herself but her country.
She did not raise her voice just for woman, or just for education, or just for the poor. She raised her voice for ALL.
The reason she became a threat to the terrorist was her confidence in her dream and her aims, and her courage over death.
She did not fear to bleed but she feared to the leave her country in the hands of the real culprits. She fought till she could until her last breath was taken away, leaving her nation, her people, her well wishers and all the souls attached to her, into the hands of the ones we have elected, supposedly the culprits!

In one of her interviews she had said “…you can kill the man but not the idea…”
On the hope of a better Pakistan let us carry her idea and her courage without the fear of what is next and instead to the fear of what we have already lost and what now we can gain that we shouldn’t lose.

May her soul be blessed with the breeze of freedom she couldn’t receive in her country, may her soul rest in the gardens she couldn’t grow to her nation. Ameen.

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