Shireen Mazari’s Daughter, Imaan Mazari Bashed Pak Army But Followed By Her Own Mother’s Condemnation

Imaan Mazari

Faizabad Dharna is over but it’s discussion is still in the air of Pakistan’s political scene. This protest is followed by many controversial remarks earlier and one is by Imaan Mazari too.

Imaan Mazari

However, some were grateful that Faizabad Dharna finally ended while some started the period of accusations and allegations.

Imaan Mazari is also one of them who came with a controversial video message on social media in which she bashed Pakistan Army and used kind of abusive language.

Though she didn’t provide any proof and talked trash about Pakistan Army which is rare in Pakistan.

But it doesn’t mean that if something is rare, then it’s actually right. Sometimes, rare things are no different from being illogical and irrational.

Here the case is also the same as very little amount of people began to criticize Army for being part of Faizabad Dharna’s settlement agreement.

First of all, it wasn’t Army that got involved in all this chaos. But Army was actually called by Government of Pakistan to intervene as it failed to resolve the issue.

Secondly, it was the group of protestors who demanded Army to be part of agreement as stated by the Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal.

Ultimately, Pakistan Army was called to intervene and act as mediator, which it just did and from nowhere it hurted anyone.

They say that involvement of Army in political matters can harm the democracy. For God’s sake, it’s time to realize that Army’s intervention in political matters is not more threatful for democracy than the politicians looting the nation’s money from the national purse.

When on Government’s order, physically disabled people are beaten up instead of giving them their rights, that’s more harmful for democracy.

When elections are rigged, it’s the real harm to democracy. The irony is when Imran Khan came out to protest against rigging in order to safeguard the democracy, he was called insane and criticized by the same people who don’t resist to bash army without any proof even.

If they care this much about democracy, then why they can’t see that Army controlled the situation to avoid any bloodshed? Is avoiding bloodshed a harm to democracy? No, not at all.

Why they can’t see that PTI protested against rigging in the best interest of democracy?

Pakistan Army just helped in controlling the disorder which definitely saved democracy. However, Imaan Mazari’s Twitter account is found now nowhere and people are wondering that whether she deactivated it herself or it has been taken down.

Also, it’s known that Imaan Mazari is daughter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) member, Shireen Mazari; it was uncertain that whether Shireen Mazari holds the same perspectives as of her daughter or not.

Imaan Mazari

So, to diminish the doubts, PTI issued Shireen Mazari’s statement which she shared via her Twitter account in which she disagreed with her daughter’s video message and condemned the language she used in it against Pakistan Army.

Shireen Mazari stated that as Imaan is her daughter and she loves her but she doesn’t agree with her views on this matter.

Though it’s still a question mark that on what basis Imaan Mazari came up with such controversial video and why?

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