Neymar Jr. Just Left FC Barcelona and Moved to PSG For Staggering Amount of Money


News about Neymar: If you’re not following football/soccer related pages, or not even remotely the following football, you might be in shock after reading this because the ones who know, already are; Neymar Jr. the Brazilian soccer star, has left FC Barcelona.               

The famous MSN trio has finally broken up, which has led many Barca fans to mourn. He is transferring to the Paris Saint Germain. His transfer value is about 222 million euros which are approximately 550,000 euros per week. and his contract will end in 2021 in October, a potential 6-year contract.

Barcelona’s reaction:

FC Barcelona had tweeted about him being granted the permission to leave the training grounds on Wednesday, which was the same day he went back to tell his team that he is moving to Paris.                                                       

They even tweeted about their communique on Neymar.           

When the 25-year-old Brazillian striker was asked about it, he said that he was unhappy being the second one to Messi and was unhappy with it. In addition, he said that he still remembered the match between PSG and Barcelona which they had won 6-1 and said that it won’t happen again since he is going to be playing in PSG. This statement quite a contrast as compared to what he said years ago in an interview, in which he said that he thinks of the MSN Trio and the team as family.


The league is furious for losing a star player and they say they won’t accept any money from the release clause and in doing so, will attempt to block the transfer. But it gets way more complicated as UEFA says that this unprecedented move by the league would not be legal due to the matter involving two separate clubs, Barcelona and PSG.

Now why the other clubs aren’t buying him? Because PSG is the only ones who can afford to. Neymar says he is just doing what Dani Alves told him to do; “You should leave FC Barcelona, to be honest. Take the path which I am taking.”

He also says that Barcelona pays him equal to peanuts. “I can’t live on 300k euros a week”

Boi. I could do so much with that amount. But we feel you.

Leonardo Messi even posted this on Instagram.        

Which translates to “It was a great pleasure to have shared all these years with you, friend @neymarjr. I wish you good luck in this new stage of your life. See you tomorrow”

Barcelona fans, stay strong.

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