You Shouldn’t Miss Reading These Totally Savage 10 Manto Quotes

Manto quotes

Grab yourself for some really bitter yet truthful Manto quotes as they might hit you hard.

“If you cannot bear these stories then the society is unbearable. Who am I to remove the clothes of this society, that itself is naked. I don’t even try to cover it, because it is not my job, that’s the job of dressmakers.” – Saadat Hasan Manto

Saadat Hassan Manto was a remarkable and renowned Muslim author and writer of Urdu literature; who was best at writing short stories.

The ever brutal yet awesome Manto quotes and writings are best at exposing the real ugly face of society.

Here are some of the extremely savage Manto quotes that can make you realize that our society remained the same horrible and stereotypical as it was in Manto’s time. Technology or modernism even failed in changing the minds .

1. Manto talks about ‘beauty’

Manto quotes

Jab hussan tha tou ayeinay nahi thay…
Ab ayeinay hain par hussan kahan…?
– Saadat Hassan Manto

2. Hunger

Manto quotes

“Duniya mein jitni la’anatein hain, bhook unki maa hai.” – Manto

3. The hypocritical political circle

Manto quotes

“Ye loug jo apney gharon mein nizaam durust nahi kar saktay, ye loug jin ka character bay-hud pastt huta hai, siyasat kay maidaan mein apnay watan ka nizaam theek karnay aur lougo ko ikhlaqiyaat ka sabaq deney kay liye nikaltey hain… kis qadar mazahqa khaiz cheez hai!” – Saadat Hassan Manto

4. The “honourable” ones of the society

Manto quotes

“Merey sheher kay mua’azey-zeen ko merey sheher ki tawaifon se ziyada behter koi nahi jaanta.” – Manto

5. Manto about his writings

Manto quotes

“Hamari tehreerein aap ko karwi kuseli lagti hain. Magar ab tak mithaasein aap ko paish ki jati rahi hain. Un se insaaniyat ko kiya fyda hua hai. Neem kay pattay karway sahi liken khoon saaf kertay hain.” – Manto

6. That’s why fitrat never changes

Manto quotes

“Insaan ko maarna kuch nahi, liken uski fitrat ko halaak kerna bohat bara zulm hai.” – Saadat Hassan Manto

7. Man and the essence of love

Manto quotes

“Insaan ager mohabbat hi ko jaan pehchaan nahi sakta tou mein samajhta hun…wo haiwaan bhi nahi…koi bay-hiz cheez hai. Pathar hai…sarak par gira hua ror’ra hai.” – Saadat Hassan Manto

8. Killing your desires

Manto quotes

“Meiney aisi fiza mein parwarish payi hai jaha apni khwahishaat ka dabana bohat bara sawab khayal kia jata hai.” – Manto

9. Women and their troubles due to stereotypical societal norms

Manto quotes

“Hamara mu’ashra aik aurat ko kotha chalanay ki ijazat tou deta hai magar taanga chalanay ki nahi.” – Saadat Hassan Manto

10. The horribly moronic society

Manto quotes

“Chor ne cheeni ki boori churayi aur haadsati taur par kuyein mein gir gaya. Lougo ne na’ash nikali tou kuyein kaa paani meetha tha. Saath hi qabar par charhaway charhnay lagay aur kuyein ka paani shafa-yaab tehra.” – Saadat Hassan Manto

Though Manto was many times called vulgar for his totally candid writings both by the Government and public to which he aptly responded by saying that, “If you find my stories dirty, then the society you are living in is dirty. I only expose the truth with my stories.”

But when he died in 1955 at 42, thousands of people walked in his funeral procession in Lahore. This kind of tribute is rarely given to writers but Manto secured that with his truthful writings.

Manto quotes

The some of the masterpieces of this greatest Urdu fiction writer of South Asia are Thanda Gosht, Khol Do and Toba Tek Singh etc. Manto was the most daring and controversial writer ever produced in the history.

“We have been born together and I think we will die together but it may be possible that “Saadat Hassan” dies and “Manto” remains alive.” – Manto

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