Sisters Before Misters.


When i was young like really really young Allah blessed my with siblings.

Just after 11 months i was born my baby brother came into my life and suddenly i was the big sister.

It was all well me and my brother were in an ‘us’ bubble.

It was him and me against the world.

We were inseparable.

But after like 4 years my parents introduced me to another baby.

And voila all of a sudden we were 3.

But this i was blessed with a baby sister.

Mind you at that time it was not a blessing.

Seriously it was not.

I hated my sister.

I hated her so much.

Since now there was competition.

Now i wasn’t the only one as Daddy’s princess.

She would cry at crazy times and break all my toys.

Take away my parents attention.

And it all led me to hate her.

Maybe hate is a strong word but yeah i strongly disliked her.

I would not let her play with me.

Push her away.

Drag my brother away even when he was  playing with her.

Make her cry over things.

But well she is my baby sister so i had to be caring too.

Even after making her cry i would be the one to rock her gently until she settled down.

I would give her my toys even when i knew she would break them.

Sometimes even ended up changing he nappies with my mom.

But yes the disliked remained constant for so many years.

Even when i was in 14 years old it was all the same.

Since she would tattletale.

She would poke her nose in my business and report it all to mom.

Even would fight with me on the dresses i wore since she wanted the same ones and i just couldn’t handle twinning with her.

It was all a mess.

We never got along.

Our room was a constant war zone.

Having total opposite personalities as well as looks didn’t help at all.

I would tease her that she was adopted as she looked and behaved in a total opposite way.

Well that was all till i was 14.

Now i am 18 going 19.

And there isn’t a day that i would want to spend away from her.

We have truly become inseparable.

Partners in crime.

Each others shoulder to cry on.

Where i lack she completes me and vice versa.

She has grown to be a wonderful person that i couldn’t be more proud of.

She is strong, sensible and even more mature than i am.

And it all just shocks me.

Sometimes at night when she is asleep beside me and i just look at her and am reminded of all the memories.

I am reminded of how far we both have come.

And i couldn’t be happier.

People out there having a baby sister may relate to this or maybe it was just me being an evil sister. *Evil laugh*

But yes my heart and life goes out to my baby sister.

Allah knows how she tolerates me 24/7 without killing me.

PS: I am a very annoying elder sister.

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