Someone Called Alia Bhatt’s ‘Raazi’ As Sania Mirza’s Biopic But Lol!…She Negated It


Sania Mirza being a famous personality in both India and Pakistan remains an important part of the news very often. The lady is loved in both the countries and respected by all as well.

As she’s married with Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik, Pakistanis mostly call her as their national bhaabhi.


However, it is Sania Mirza’s Twitter that catches everyone’s attention most of the time and like really, her tweets are fun to go through as she has got all the coolness and wit.


This time Sania’s Twitter managed to catch our attention too when the tennis star said that she doesn’t think that film ‘Raazi’ is her biopic.


Actually ‘Raazi’ is Alia Bhatt’s upcoming movie in which she’s playing the role of an Indian spy; the movie is based on the novel Calling Sehmat, which is a real-life story of an Indian female spy, Sehmat, according to the Buzzfeed India and Alia is portraying the role of the same woman.


In the movie, Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) gets married with Pakistan Army officer, Iqbal, to get the information for the Indian intelligence as reported by the Buzzfeed India.


However, as the trailer of the movie released, someone from most probably across the border compared the story of ‘Raazi’ to that of Sania Mirza’s real life and called the movie as her biopic.

The tweet was like, “Alia Bhatt’s “Raazi” is a story of an Indian girl who gets married to a Pakistani man but she still works for India. Basically, this movie is a biopic of Sania Mirza. #RaaziTrailer”

But Sania Mirza quickly negated what has been stated in the above mentioned tweet and responded like, “Ummm.. I think not.”

Like lol mann! Anyways Sania’s reaction to that tweet is important. And like really? How can one do such comparisons?

Btw, people reacted on Sania’s response this way;

“National bhaabhi!”




Love from Pakistan has been shown to the tennis star several times.

He’s like, no hate please!


Anyways, Sania’s response to that comparison and tweet was enough and no explanations are needed further. Also, people should be careful before stating something about someone as this will be beneficial for everyone.

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