Someone Special.


When i started writing i thought lets write anonymously.

But as soon as my first writing got published i wanted to scream out to my friends and acquaintances.

I wanted people to know that i have achieved something.

Because well it was an achievement for me.

And i did that.

I told people around me and tried making them read my writings.

But it didn’t feel the same until that one person who i really wanted to read started reading my work.

And that’s when it all felt right.

We all have that one special person in our life around who our world revolves.

Let it be our parent, siblings. best friend or even maybe our significant other.

Well for me it was somebody special.

A person who came into my life like a hurricane and shook me up to my core.

Now i have no idea what to name this bond we have because to me that person is a complete package.

We are crazy like best friends.

Have an amazing teasing yet caring bond like siblings.

Guidance and support like parents.

And love like significant others.

Therefore i am lost at words to describe the said bond.

The said person works 12 hours round the clock yet manages to read all my works.

And not just read them but appreciate them.

Even give guidelines to make it better.

He makes me feel that my work matters.

That whatever i write is important.

He helps me realize how powerful my words can be.

And how touching they are.

Though i know he must be exaggerating but it means a lot to me.

More than i ever thought it would.

And now here i am writing all about it.

This person not only became a supporter or a reader of my work he became my inspiration.

I had stopped writing but he helped me find my words again.

And for that i owe him one.

We all need somebody like this in our life.

Somebody who would believe in us despite the fact that we are ready to give up on ourselves.

A person who would be our number 1 fan and cheer for us even when we are on a verge of loosing our battles.

Who is just there to fall back on.

And if you do have that person in your life than i must say you are blessed.

Cherish that person.

Thank Allah for blessing you.

And don’t ever forget to let that person know how much they mean to you.

Because one day there might come a time that they won’t be there and that when you will realize how you lost a diamond while collecting stones.

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