“Hey, chiria ka ghonsla, how are you?”

No, no, I’m not calling you a chiria ka ghonsla at all…

But if you have curly hair, you must know. That’s how you are mostly greeted when you have curly hair, at school, parties, family gathering, play place and almost everywhere. If you have untamable curly hair during childhood and still do, these are the pains you have to go through:

  1. Free Nick:

Well, you have one or not but if you have curly hair, you get one for freeeee. Everyone feels like it’s their duty to call you a “chiria ka ghonsla”, “safai wala brush”, “jhanda” and poodle. Different people have different nicks for you. They don’t want you to get bored.


  1. Free Advice:

People keep on asking why we don’t brush our hair. They will for sure look better when brushed. Well, if we do, the following is the result:


Looking nice? Thanks, NO THANKS…for your advice. 🙂

What they need to understand is:

  1. Being the butt of memes:

It’s an easy target.

Everyone has seen this one and I have been tagged in it for God knows how many times.

*annoyed sigh*

Well, people we do not like to be tagged in such memes.


Girls with curly hair.


  1. Going to sleep with wet hair:

If you, by any mistake, go to sleep with your hair wet, be ready for the War you are gonna fight with your hair. Brushing them hair next day is a task! You could grow muscles from brushing your hair next day.


  1. Styling:

Styling curly hair is one of the biggest struggles. On every event, you spend eons thinking about your hairstyle. Having curly hair makes you long for straight hair and after 7937632430984204812049837248 seconds of mental torture, you again decide to go for straight hair. Straight hair is always a big YES for every party, hangout and shaadi.

Aaandd the struggles of curly hair are endless!


So, I’ll put down a few easy tips on how to manage your curly business.

  1. Oiling:

Oil your hair more often than not.

  1. Keeping them tied:

Yes, that’s the secret. Keep them tied, most preferably in a braid.

  1. Conditioning:

Oil is a good natural conditioner but if you have issues with oil, conditioner will do. It will make you hair soft and easy to handle.

  1. Don’t sleep with wet hair:

Washing curly hair is a task enough; you don’t want to deal with the aftermath of sleeping with wet hair.

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