Suffering From Depression? Quran Has The Solutions to It.

Suffering from Depression?


Is your brain making some mess??
Are you feeling depression??
Did you ever feel that Allah isn’t responding you??
and then you may start thinking may be Allah don’t want to see you worshiping anymore… you may be not a good Muslim??

Question; Is it nice to think like that??

See the beauty of sun, how shiny it is..
 the sun is on bloom, a new day is ready to say you welcome, a warm welcome with the new breeze.
 The darkness of night has gone all.

Whenever someone of us is upset, we tend to wake up at night keep overthinking more and more about the situation. Then sleep late in night and keep sleeping when sun is blooming and welcoming you in a new day. Our sleep wake cycles are disturbed.
And Allah says in Quran in Surah AL-Dhuha , ayat 5:
And verily, your Lord will give you so that you should be well-pleased.” (93:5)
Very soon Allah will give us victory and make us happy, He is so merciful, He don’t gives pain or burden beyond our capabilities. It is the most beautiful ayah in this surah, where Allah is giving hope to the brokrn hearts. Allah is asking us to wait for His help and reward. Allah wills find you where ever you are and He will guide you. When you feel alone and feel Allah don’t likes you so He is not wishing to see you anymore. It is never like this, haven’t you ever feel when there was no body around you?? Not any sibling, or your parents to listen you and you felt something mighty inside your heat and went on praying, remember the ayah no. 6 of Surah Al-Duha:

“Did He not find you Orphan and give you a shelter?? (93:6)

It is only Allah who gives us shelter in those hard times when nobody can help us. In fact, sometimes when we are stuck in the things which we can’t share, but Allah knows and He helps us to fight and come out of that terrible situation. We were so orphan at many times.
Whenever you find yourself in self-pity and don’t find any way to get rid of this, remember those who are in a worst situation than you. Look at those who are less rewarded than you are, because of something we call fate is different for everyone. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves from being un-thankful and complaining, then come to 9th and 10th ayat of Surah Al-Duha, it gives us a way, it guides us:

“So put no pressure over orphan.” (93:9)
“And chide not the beggar.” (93:10)

Here Allah is telling us about two kind of people, which may be different or lesser than majority of us. They are the orphans and beggers, when you feel bad, think about them, they have no one to talk with and the second type, they may have nothing to eat. Many of them sleep with hunger. Donot you feel rewarded then??
And the final ayat gives us the way to feel more blessed. that is:

“And publicize well the favor of Allah” (93:11)

Keep on talking and remembering the mercies of Allah S.W.T upon you. Do you have any ability to be rewarded so??
Are you so genius to be provided with all that what you have??
Say Alhamdulillah for all what you have, for your hands, eyes, ears and all other things.
Say Alhamdulillah because you are reading this, Say Alhamdulillah because you are no more in those who are misguided.
Next time whenever you feel less read open Qur’an and recite Surah Ad-Duha, feel the essence of message in it and spread the message of Allah.
May Allah guide us to the best? Ameen!

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