“Suzi Has Died And Left EveryOne In Tears”


Suzi, the African Bush elephant was a wide attraction for all its viewers, especially children.

The Lahore Zoo bears its loss deeply as more than an attraction she had been a family since 1992 when she was first brought here, at the age of 6.

Reasons behind her death are still in research as the post-mortem is been carried out. The only symptoms the owner told were that she had pain in her lower limbs.


Apart from the fact, Suzi was also a very delightful natured animal. She was friendly and enjoyed her time with the viewers at the zoo. Not only the owners and her daily care takers have been affected by her death, but the children in society and the families who visited on regular basis to feed her and enjoy her company, have had a sigh too.


According to the research, Captive African Bush Elephants will be demographically extinct in Asia within the next two decades.
Suzi was the only type of her category and is the reason, Suzi would be buried in the zoo for 5 months as her body decomposes and later her bones would be extracted out to be the memorial of her species and her loved ones in Lahore, Pakistan.

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