Syed Khuraim Gillani, The Guy Who Raised The Cause ‘LIFE VS CANCER.’


We are all aware of our beloved sister Fasiha Noor who is currently fighting cancer. The cause Life Vs Cancer was raised by SYED KHURAIM GILLANI  on social media and it caught the attention of the whole world.

Not only Pakistanis donated but people made donations from abroad too. This guy not only highlighted the cause on social media but also paid Fasiha and her family a visit to the hospital. He had iftaar with the girl and her family.


He stood at F11 Markaz for Fasiha’s donation collection as he promised her to help as much as he can.



Due to maximum number of shares on his posts a person offered his bone marrow for Fasiha’s transplant.



Maximum donations were made, humanity in Pakistan is not dead. People are offering as much as they can. Have a look on all these donations.

However, during this noble cause he and his co workers faced some difficulties which included arresting. Islamabad Police claimed that they were doing some illegal activity and took him and his co workers in custody. 





On 17th june, Syed Khuraim Gillani visited the girl and her mother. He had iftaar with her family. He even had a live chat with her mother on a page Mango People.


Khuraim’s dedication and hardwork towards our sister Fasiha Noor clearly shows us that a single deed of kindness can help to save someone’s life. We need more and more people like Khuraim in this country to make Pakistan a better place to live. Kudos to our brother, who won our hearts. ❤

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