Tahajjud – The Source Of Tranquility | Aimon Aziz



It was 3:30 am.

She was still awake. Tired of her life. Remembering the way, she trusted people and the way they broke her trust. Regretting all the mistakes she made in past but that was of no use because she knew it that the time which is passed will never come back. She couldn’t compensate the loss she went through. She was well-aware of all the circumstances around her. At that time, she was completely a depressed soul with loneliness around her, the soul which was obsessed with unnecessary thoughts. Perturbed with the blunt behavior of the society, she had no way to get out of all this. But all of a sudden, a slight but bright ray of comfort strike to her mind that was already full of darkness. She consoled herself that no matter what people did to her, what if they didn’t understand her? She still had the strongest support. How can she be alone when she had the One who is Almighty? How can people harm her, when she had the support of the one who is The Greatest? Yes! Allah was with her as He says ‘Call me, I’ll answer your call.’ How could she give up? When she compared all her sins with His blessings upon her, she found that although her sins were much much more, but His blessings were even more, in fact uncountable. She felt wetness in her eye, and ultimately a drop of salty water appeared in her eye, which after dancing down to her cheek, crashed on her lips. After that her eyes were flooded with tear and a non-stop rain started from her eyes. She wiped out her face, got up, went for ablution, placed the prayer mat on the floor, and offered tahajjud. She cried like a child in front of the One who was already waiting for her to come and talk to Him. She told Him each and every problem she was going through. She asked a lot from Him. One thing she noticed was that, every wish she made in front of Allah at that time was accepted and it came true. That day she came to know that what does people mean by ‘best friends’. She got the one! And then she found the perfect way of revealing her sorrows in the time when people were sleeping. He took her grief and blessed her with comfort. She was blessed with the intimate peace of mind. What else anyone will ask for?

Yes! Allah always want His creatures to return to Him as soon as they can. And tahajjud is one of the best gift, anyone can have. If you find it and avail it, then it means that Allah wants you to move toward Him. It’s never too late to consult Him, He’s always there for them. Have faith. Just get up and try!


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