Telefilm “Zainab Kay Qatil” Based On Zainab Rape Case Is In The Making Process


Zainab was an eight-year-old girl from Kasur who was raped and then murdered in January of this year. This rape case shocked Pakistanis and they stood up to seek justice for the 8-year-old girl of Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.


Not only Pakistani but international media covered this horrific story as well. The culprit of Zainab was then caught and sentenced after the proofs went against him like DNA and CCTV footage.

After this Kasur’s 8-year-old girl, it’s not like that rape cases have been stopped in Pakistan. In fact, many cases came after Zainab’s case which is unfortunate.

8-year-old Zainab

More efforts are needed to avert the horrible crimes like rape and murder. So, it seems like that entertainment industry is doing its part to do some effort to stop these crimes or to at least raise awareness among people to take the preventive measures.

As according to The Express Tribune, a local Pakistani channel has recently announced that it will be airing a telefilm named “Zainab Kay Qatil” (Zainab’s Murderers) based on the horrible and vicious happenings of the Zainab rape case.

Via: Express Tribune

The Express Tribune reported that this telefilm is to highlight the negligence of the society which led to the rape and then murder of the minor girl of Kasur.

The film is also to provide the awareness to the parents that how they can protect their children. It is also to give awareness that how parents can save the children from the pedophiles.

In the telefilm, Zainab Kay Qatil, Sohail Sameer will play the role of Imran (the culprit of 8-year-old of Kasur) and the role of Zainab will be portrayed by Hamna Amir.

Sohail Sameer
Hamna Amir

This telefilm is written by Umera Ahmed who is a very famous and remarkable writer and her work is always appreciable plus incredible. Also, Saba Faisal and Irfan Khoosat are the part of this telefilm which is in the making.

However, it looks like that this film is an attempt to bring awareness about child abuse and a way to talk to the Pakistani society about such cases.

Previously, the Hum TV drama, Udaari, addressed the same subject of child abuse. Today, there is an extreme need to not only talk about these issues openly but also to make necessary efforts to avert them.

However, we hope that this telefilm will bring some positive impact and the purpose behind it will not be merely to get ratings or to score high TRPs. Also, we hope that consent has been taken from the Zainab’s family to air the telefilm.

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