Temporality In Relations | Aimon Aziz



We often go through the heartbreaks, because of the shorter time span of our relationships. We never notice what’s the reason behind it. If we unearth it, we come to know that temporality lies in every of our relation, except one. It is not because we’re wrong or someone is betraying us. It is due to the game of nature. The world itself isn’t eternal.

Being human beings, we usually look for affection and care from others. If you find someone who show intimate love and care for you, you’ll brag on your fate. You will get yourself attached and will expect them to be with you till the last breath. And what if the one is from opposite gender? It will never be less than a kind of addiction. Initially it’ll be like formal discussions, which will be enhanced with time. Those relentless bewitching gossips will last long. You’ll feel cherished because you’ve got a perfect compassionate for you. Days will pass you’ll remain the same, but who knows about the other one? Now get up from that lucid dreaming. After a few months or maybe years, there comes a time when you’ll start feeling like they’re no more with you, as they used to be. You’ll start losing your essence. That gradual detachment process from your closest person will make you feel like a part of you is being lost. You don’t want to lose them, but who’s thinking about what you want? A gap will appear in your inseparable relation. You yourself will notice it when they’ll have nothing to talk to you, when the time duration of replies will increase frequently, when you’ll feel the interest is being vanished somewhere, and when you’ll realize that you’re not that much important now. You know what? It hurts! It’s not your fault. It’s because you’re no more a priority for them. If they ask you about their busy schedule, then remember that no one is that much busy for their loved ones, it’s just the matter of priorities. And the thing is, PRIORITIES SHIFT! When they’ve moved on, you follow them inquisitively, just to ask for your fault. You know what was your fault? You expected a lot from them. And expectations usually leads to disappointments. You were thinking to get in your self-made relation, but you forgot about the Planner who have already organized everything, much efficiently. And He planned for you to get rid of that unrequited love. So how temporal was your relation! Isn’t it?

It’s not about being in love only, because relation may end up unwillingly. But the sincere feelings and love will last long, even if it is one sided that’ll make it hard for you to survive. Well, on the other hand, your friends, for whom you can claim to do anything, can be changed.  There may come a time when your best friend will not even be your friend anymore. Seems impossible? It happens. Just because they may get someone better than you. And it’s the nature of human to thrive for the better one and leave the older one behind. You live in a materialistic world. They demand practicality. No matter even if it was the maximum you could do for them. If you can’t do enough, they’ll find someone better than you. Then you think like, you used to be best friends. You can’t even think of vengeance. Alas! Temporality is here again.

After facing such betrayals, we believe that no matter what we go through, no matter how disobedient we are, our parents will always be there for us. But are you sure ALWAYS? No doubt, parents are the sincerest relation we have in our life. But again, there comes a time when they’ve to leave, unwillingly. This is the most heartrending detachment, believe me! Its not our fault, but its the rule of nature. This deprivation is irreplaceable. And then we wish that if we could spend some more moments of love with them. When we were busy with those swindling relations, someone was anxiously waiting for our attention and time. But we usually realize when the appropriate time is passed. Agonizingly, it was also temporal.

Nothing is eternal. No one of us has got elixir of life, to live longest.

Now the question is that if every relation is temporary, then what to get attached with? As it is already mentioned that temporality lies in every relation, except one. Yes! Allah is always with us. He is the only beacon of light in this temporal world. He was in past, He’s in present and He’ll be in future. In fact, He’ll be there in the world hereafter. Eternity lies here in relation with Almighty. All we need is to get attached with Him. This relationship is never ending, only if we get into it. There is no betrayal, temporality, priorities or anything else. Its better to move toward Allah, than squandering time in those unrequited relations. Call Him anytime, you’ll always be in His priorities. He loves you much more than 70 mothers. What else do you want? Return to Him before its too late.

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