The Border Of Their Love


Grey cloud of smoke starts to disappear as honking trucks have crossed the streets after conveying the load of furniture of the newly shifted family. Mark stopped still, his heart started to pound faster when he saw her for the very first time he was so lost in her that he didn’t even notice Aunt Lizzie. Aunt Lizzie shouted “I’ve been looking for you, and you’re here. What are you looking at?” Mark replied “I was just looking at these all people, they’re our new neighbors.” Aunt Lizzie said “oh, when did they shift?” Mark said “right at the moment.” Aunt Lizzie replied “I should tell this to your mom, so that she can take some eatables for them.” Aunt lizzie went. Mark felt like he has got everything he had wished for because he was looking for a reason to meet her as soon as it is possible. He went down and said to his mom “Mom let’s go to our new neighbors, I would also come with you.” His mom replied “Sure honey, but let me prepare some dinner, so that we can take that for them.” Mark started to walk to pass the time, but that day each and every minute felt like an hour. Finally his mom came and said “let’s go Mark.” As he entered the gate, he halted and his mom went walking and entered their home. He walked towards the garden, where she was busy in digging the ground. The girl smiled incessantly and said “Hello! You’re from the neighborhood right?” Mark replied, “Yeah.” She questioned Mark “What’s your name? Mine is Evelyn.” Mark replied, “I’m Mark.” They had an unending conversation which was interrupted as his mom came out and asked Mark that let’s go home, while mark was happy as Evelyn was going to be his classmate. Evelyn and Mark got too close in a very less span of time, their days started to pass blisteringly. Someone had said true that time flies, it was a blink of an eye or a fraction of a second, no one actually knows. It was their graduation party, the day when everyone separates. Mark was ecstatic as he was too close to step in his illusionery world, where he’d be a soldier but there was something, something that disturbed him somewhere deep down. He was so absorbed in his thoughts, when Evelyn touched him, he jumped. Evelyn looked as pretty and as aesthetic as the day Mark saw her the first time and fell for her. Evelyn said, “Mark, I already know, that you have fallen for me the day we met and I want to confess that even I feel the same way.” Mark felt that he was on cloud nine, but his happiness was short-lived as a thought clicked in his mind, Mark said with a heavy heart and thick throat that “ I had a dream since my childhood, I wanted to be a soldier, and now it’s time to fulfill the dream.” When Evelyn heard this her eyes got exhaustively filled with tears which were diffused between the eye and eyelids, which started to flow profusely, but she took the courage to speak “ I allow you my love, you can go, I’ll wait for you, I can wait forever.” They both embraced each other, and left the party.
Two years passed, Mark was fighting on the border and now after all these years he got a chance to return, he was delighted as he was going back to his family and to his love. First he decided to meet Evelyn and surprise her, he bought a precious diamond ring for Evelyn, when he reached there he saw Evelyn with someone else, he was shocked and heartbroken as he left the place immediately, Evelyn tried stopping him but he didn’t even listen to her and tried overlooking, he thought I waited for 2 long years to meet her but she betrayed me. He lost his mind and left to fight a massive war on a border. On the other had Evelyn was still in love with Mark and in a guilt for a sin she did not commit. But an year ago as she heard rumors about Mark being killed led her into a deep sea of depression. Her parents did everything to take her out of depression but nothing worked. They thought to take Evelyn to a therapist and visiting a therapist literally worked, therapist Alvin started to feel for Evelyn, he asked out Evelyn, she said yes as she thought that she has to move on completely forgetting Mark, but Mark misunderstood Evelyn and left her behind crying again for him.
That day, Evelyn went to talk to Alvin and said “ I still feel for Mark and I can never be happy with you, if I married you I would be forever in a guilt, so please just let me go”. Alvin replied “ Honey after my wife(dead) it was you for whom I had fallen, I know that pain which you’re feeling right now so I would permit you to go and catch your love before it is too late.” Evelyn thanked him and left for the search of Mark. First she went to her family, and even they were overwhelmed with astonishment on hearing that Mark is alive, they informed Evelyn that Mark did not come here, she tried to rummage for Mark, but she failed. When she lost all her hopes, when she was in complete state of despair, and was sitting on a wood block at the main market area of the city, there came an old man from military, Evelyn asked the whereabouts of Mark, he recognized Mark quickly and called the team on border, from where he got to know that Mark is on border which he informed to Evelyn. Evelyn looked at her watch and rushed speedily towards the train station. She walked to the ticket counter and realized that she had got no money. She sold her special ring and bought a ticket, after a tiring journey of 6 hours she reached the border by morning. She asked a group of people about Mark, they told her that he’s admitted in a nearby hospital, since the day he had came back, he wasn’t even taking care of his injuries and wasn’t eating or keeping interest in anything except of fighting. As if he was on a rage of suicide.
She ran towards the hospital and searched for Mark, and finally she found him.
Mark said “Look I don’t want to talk, so please leave”. Evelyn replied “ Mark let me speak today. Please give me only one chance to speak”. Mark agreed.
Evelyn told him everything. Mark on hearing this felt apologetic and apologized. Evelyn pardoned him. Mark said “It all was an plan of opponents, to spread rumors to debilitate our strength”. Mark proposes Evelyn. Evelyn accepted the proposal and Mark made Evelyn wear the ring which he bought.

Situations did not break the bond neither did death over come love. Not because of anything else but because what had been written had already been planned. With a little patience and a pinch of arrogance of nature.. they had now met forever to the believe of their one true love. Surviving all the odds. Love is not about the final destination but rather the miseries and time collapse that teaches how to hold hands even if life had not made them met.

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