The First Pakistani Lady To Win MasterChef


Haven’t you just always heard about the “desi cuisine” and how mouth watering and tempting it is ?

Well, here’s another proud moment for every Pakistani out there as here it is Saliha -Mahmood Ahmad who won the title of Masterchef 2017 by BBC.

She just gave a tremendous effort to every single desi cook out there saluting them all and helping them with the recognition of “East meets West” title.






*Proud we are of her !!*

As she spoke to the media with her success she stated
“To be the Master chef champion is fantastic and wonderful…this is definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life,!
It involved a lot of hard work and early starts – late nights cooking after 13-hour long shifts, no holidays, no breaks, no sleep – but it was well worth it.”






Surely, in her winning dish her efforts and her day night practice had tasted so well.

Her dish included Venison shami kabab, with cashew and coriander green chutney, chana dal and a kachumbar salad, which she made in the memory of her grandmother.







And at the end of a smirk she stated
“Cooking has always run in our genes, I come from a family who believes in cooking to get people together” and as a gastroenterology specialist, Saliha aims to research more on healthy likely food against obesity and create a comfort zone for all the foodies out there.








As the 29 year old from Watford defeated 64 others, we’re proud to announce that Pakistanis have once again nailed it up high.

*You go gurl*

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