Mashal khan a 23 year old boy who was a student at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan was brutally beaten to death by some creatures whom i’ll never call humans. He was someone who was accused of being involved in blasphemy.

Ijaz Ahmed (DIG Mardan) after investigating said that they’ve found no evidence which proves that Mashal was involved in any such conspiracy or blasphemy.
It was a fake account that was posting fake blasphemous content under his name to blackmail him. He even shared it from his personal account that there is some fake account posting negative stuff under his name. After interviewing his fellows and teachers we got to know that he was someone who used to speak openly about all the issues maybe he was unaware of the kind of environment he lives in. People here understand nothing and react a lot.
So now even social media becomes a reason to kill someone. Imagine if someone someday makes your fake facebook account and post anything on it you’ll be killed too without any investigation. This isn’t something non serious this is something very serious. Raise your voice against it. It was Mashal today it can you or someone close to you someday.

He in an interview spoke against the university administration too.

About the mismanagement and fee structure and he also said they’re protesting and raising their voices against it with the help of media. Well was the university involved in this too? Mashal was expelled from university for blasphemy, the university issued the rustication letter on the same date.What does this means?

Just go and have a look at Mashal’s facebook and twitter profile he was “The humanist” treated inhumanly. You may also find the content which shows he loved Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Alright ignore everything for a second just use your brain a little if he was the one posting blasphemous content then who uploaded and commented stuff after his death. Since when did dead people started using facebook?

Moreover, I was shocked to see that no body from PML-N said anything about the matter. No body condemned it they all tweeted about it later.      Our dear Prime Minister remained silent on an incident that literally brought tears in so many eyes but maybe he was too busy in making stories for his panama case that he didn’t even have 5 minutes to condemn it. Oh wait or maybe they all were in a state of shock for 3 days? But now condemnations aren’t enough it’s time to actually do something.

Whatever we say now won’t bring Mashal back. May his soul rest in peace. May Allah give patience to his family. And lets just hope that our police and our so called judicial system will drag those creatures to court and give them the worst punishment possible. A punishment that leaves a lesson. Mashal isn’t alive but he truly deserves justice.

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