The illusion Of Eternity.


It’s never too late, they say.
Yeah, it’s never too late, until you
realize that it is, that you have run out
of time.
Life is short.
We don’t realize that life is not just
about good times and bad times, it’s
about the availability of time itself.
We don’t have forever to live and love
and create and embrace and smile. Our
time is limited.
This real life event inspired me to write
this article. I’ll share it with you.
This is about a family I personally
know. The father is the kind of dad who
just gave up on caring as soon as his
kids were big enough to earn, without
any proper education or skill, The kind
of husband who’ll keep blaming the
wife for everything, the kind of father
who hardly participated in any task of
responsibility in the weddings of his
I know he’s old, and tired. I’m not
writing this to accuse him of the
irresponsibility he showed towards his
family, I’m writing this to portray his
final struggle.
His wife is just angry. She feels
betrayed and abandoned and burdened
by all the responsibility she has to bear
because he didn’t fulfill his. She keeps
saying she doesn’t care about the man,
he’s a deceiver , she doesn’t belong to
him anymore, and that she lives for her
children only.
He never cared enough.
Probably thought he had a lot of time
to do so. He never stepped out of his
own dilemmas. He went on long
journeys, uninformed long stays,
lingering in his past, a wanderer with a
home he didn’t care about.
One day, about a month ago, he called
his son saying he was in Lahore and
wanted to come back home. He finally
decided he wanted to be with his
family as he had promised his last
bachelor daughter that he’d be there
for her wedding taking place in a
The son packed his bag to go to
Lahore and promised his father sorts
of adventures on their way back.
When the son was at the airport, he got
a call from Lahore.
What he heard next would haunt him
for the rest of his life.
The father had passed away.
To his misery, his belongings contained
traces of all the love he carried in his
heart for his family.
They revealed that he had been on a
shopping expedition for the bride-to-be
daughter , and the three married ones,
and his grandson. The last of all, stood
there among the worn-out clothes of
the deceased soul, a pack of imitation
bangles, unlike all the other items,
probably bought for his widow-to-be.
I cannot imagine the pain and rush he
would have felt when he knew it was
time to go. He would go alright but
“oh angel of death! Behold, lies in front
of you a life of love that I yet have to
give to my lovely wife. Behold! There’s
a bride in veil of fresh roses who
awaits the man who will shower his
blessings upon her . You can’t capture
me yet for I have to right my wrongs. ”
I tried to imagine his condition, this
was all I got :
There’s a fish swimming in water , the
waves caress it and carry it along with
But then, it lands on wet ground. Its
sea is far behind. The waves have
abandoned it at the beach.
Lies in front of its eyes a sparkling blue
sea, for a drop of which it craves. Until
the corpse is cold and the blood
drenched out of its veins.
I would write about the wife too, but I
don’t want to be so cruel to you, and to
myself, and to every soul who reads
All I wanted to tell you is that, Now is
all you have. Now is your time. And
when time departs, it chokes you
worse than death.
It’s going to end. And you might have to
live after that. After every end, we can’t
find the convenient escape of death.
Make it or break it, it stays with you.

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