The Pain of Missing Someone.


Once in awhile we all feel an empty void within us.

We feel certain emptiness and loneliness.

It even leads us to feel that certain amount of pain.

A pain that pushes us into despair.

We sit for hours aimlessly staring our surrounds and just lost in thoughts.

One might wonder what all this is.

What name to give to this pain?

Well it is..

The Pain of Missing Someone.

No matter how strong and independent we try to become we always need somebody to be there for us.

A person that we can rely on.

Somebody that we can fall back on.

And eventually we do find that person.

That person might be in the form of our Best friend.

Maybe as one of our siblings.

Can also be our parents? Or one of our parents.

Or even our significant other.

It can be anybody.

We learn to rely on them and trust them.

Open up to them and let them be there for us.

But when they are not there we miss them.

We miss them to the point that we even end up crying.

And mind you crying does not make one weak.

But missing somebody is not always negative.

Sometimes when you miss that certain someone you remember the memories you made.

You are reminded of the good times.

The time when you both smiled, laughed and just had fun.

To the times when you did nothing yet did everything.

And this all once again makes you smile wistfully.

And that’s what to be is the pleasure of missing somebody.

It amazes me how some memories stick with us.

We can see them like a video whenever we close our eyes.

How missing someone and those memories can take us to a whole another dimension.

Missing somebody and getting through is never easy.

But to realize the worth of that person we need to go through it.

And feel it deep in our heart.

Then only that Pain of missing someone will turn into the Pleasure of missing someone.

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