“Their Hope of Heaven”


She lived in an enchanted world gazed alone the unknown around her. Drowned in her own thoughts about the one whom she sees and her heart starts pounding and pulse starts racing but is still perplexed about her heartstrings. After a long moment of silence she starts to utter about her love to the butterflies which were busy enjoying the juicy nectar and to the frogs which were relishing the cool breeze on their little lily pads. And unknowingly confesses her feelings but later on when she realizes that, tears start to shed while some remain unseen. Moonlight filtered through the leaves of ivy, and she’s able to see the blur picture of the one she’s mesmerized by. She closes her eyes as she thought that she is dreaming, but when she opens her wide eyes still the view is same but her love is too close, she stares at him ghastly as he says that he was already familiar about his feelings she confessed and he felt the same way.

Her tears fell perpetually, with the heavy heart and thick throat she spoke ” we aren’t meant for each other” and he asked “why honey, why not?” and wiped her tears. She held his hand tightly and told him that “we need to drift apart our society wouldn’t let us exist. My state is different than yours and so is my religion. My heart would allow me to behave all the desires we have dreamed together but my soul doesn’t accept the hereafter and its miserable but forever punish. I can not calm down the race of my heart neither can I break your tsunami beneath, but I can wish for a land where we might meet. In a land without boundaries and restrictions, with love and mercy peace. We have to let us apart so that our souls might one day collide in the heaven of our patience that we sieve..”

He tried to speak but wasn’t able to, she gets up from the stone on which she was sitting and walks away, he sees her with his teary eyes, she disappears in a grey fog and his words remain unspoken forever in the hope of being heard above the sky’s, with his broken screams and his dropped dreams, that one day he would be granted with the love he couldn’t achieve. If not in this world, then in the heaven they both commonly believed.

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