Things Girls Should Ask Themselves Before Getting Married

Getting married

One thing all the girls out there should clearly understand that getting married should not be taking lightly in any case.

Shaadi and its aftermaths are tough to handle and can exhaust you at times both emotionally and physically.

Sometimes, the biggest mistake girls do is to consider married life as a fairy tale where there will be all the fun and excitement with your husband. But, but, this is not the case really. Reality is totally contradictory to this fairy tale perception.

So, before getting into this relationship, girls should ask themselves some questions and it’s important to be certain about them. Your answers can tell you whether you should get married or not.

1. Are you ready for shaadi which is a whole new responsibility?

Shaadi is a whole new responsibility and things won’t be served to you in a plate. In fact, you will be the one who will be serving; so, you should better ask yourself that are you ready to take this responsibility? Are you ready to wake up earlier, make the food, manage both home and work? If yes, then go ahead otherwise stay in bed at your mom’s home.

Getting married

2. Can you handle shaadi?

Why shaadi is something to be handled? Because, it’s not just a word but a second life as many say. And a new life is something to be handled that contains restrictions and responsibilities, rules and regulations and you have to deal with it all. Ask yourself that can you handle it or not.

Getting married

3. Are you ready to shift to a new environment suddenly?

Moving from your mother’s place to husband’s is one of the tough things ever. Ask yourself, are you ready to leave your parents and siblings? Are you ready to leave the house where you have been grown up? It’s too tough actually and you should ask yourself before getting married that are you really okay to move?

Getting married

4. Can you share your bedroom?

Another trouble for those who can’t share their bedroom easily. You know that husband will be the one sharing your bed, bathroom, cupboard; like every single thing he would be sharing with you. So are you fine with that? Ask yourself.

Getting married

5. Are you ready to be a ‘bahu rani’?

Being a ‘bahu’ (daughter-in-law) in Desi societies is attached with so many expectations that it seriously can stress many. There are many traits which are set for a bahu to be a role model and consequently, many girls hate the idea of being a daughter-in-law. Before getting married, ask yourself, are you ready to play the role of a ‘bahu’?

Getting married

6. Should you take more time to decide what kind of a man you want?

It’s surely the most important thing that you should be certain about; what kind of a man you actually want? Without making a strong decision about it, you will end up being confused and won’t be able to decide anything. Be certain about your ideal, girls.

Getting married

7. Are you ready to have no more sleepovers with bffs and cousins?

Yes, shaadi comes with many don’ts and no more sleepovers with bffs and cousins is one of them. So, before getting married make sure that you are ok to sacrifice your sleepovers’ fun.

Getting married

8. Does shaadi really fall in your to-do list of life?

Is shaadi really your thing? Do you really ever want to get married? This, you can decide well by pondering on your habits and nature.

Getting married

9. Are you much self-sufficient that you don’t need any man?

Oh! You all the self-sufficient ladies, do know that this aspect of your nature can maybe create problems for you in your married life; as self-sufficient people find it too hard to tolerate and accept another person who’s supposed to complete them. You are complete on your own and another person’s interference in your life can piss you off. So, think deeply that will you be able to accept your man?

Getting married

10. Do you want to become financially independent first?

Yes girls yes! You should get financially independent before getting married if you hate to ask for money from others. Also, financial independency is your security. Whatever, you can decide better that how you would like to do it.

Getting married

However, we have tried our best to state some logical questions that girls should ask themselves before getting married but you all should also think on your own if there are some other questions or aspects which we missed and be very certain about shaadi as it’s not party for life thing at all.

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