Things Husbands Always Want To Tell Their Wives But Never Say Actually


Husbands are mostly inexpressive infront of their wives and most often try to hide their feelings. Many men out there take this impression that men are supposed to be strong and shouldn’t get emotional in any case.

But to be honest, men need to change this perception of being iron-made with no sentiments. Because after all men are humans too and can feel things just like women do.

So, all the men out there, stop being shy babies and start telling your wives what you actually feel as she deserves to hear from you more than anyone else. But do make sure that you are polite and gentle with her; don’t try to act like a macho.

However, we have listed some of the things which husbands want to tell their wives very often but don’t actually.

1. We need you always

Husbands act like that they are perfect and don’t need anyone. But actually they need their wives alot and that too at every step of life.


2. Your support makes us strong

Your partner’s support definitely makes you strong and this is what husbands really feel deep inside but never dare to say.


3. Your harsh words do hurt us, actually hurt us really bad

Oh well! Women are the one telling how much they felt hurt but little they know that men get hurt too. Husbands even get more hurt by wives’ harsh words but never say this. They always want to let their wives know that how much their words hurt them but never tell because of the fear of damaging of their strong image.


4. Your happiness is most important thing for us

Husbands hardly tell their wives that how much they become peaceful and happy when they see their wives smiling but they kinda want to let them know this.


5. We can’t see your tears

And not to be surprised about but husbands themselves are the ones who are the cause of their wives’ tears. But actually they hate when their wives cry either because of them or because of any other thing. So men, how about stop making the girls upset if you really hate their tears?


6. We are really possessive about you

Husbands are the ones who are literally possessive about their girls but they never let them know because oh well, this will damage men’s idc image.


7. We admire you

Men admire their wives alot and regard them as their role models but never tell this to on their face for whatever stupid reasons. Come on boys! Let them know that you admire them alot.


8. We do miss your presence when you are not around

Missing wife is something every husband does but acts like that he doesn’t. Secretly, men want their wives to know this fact that they miss them when they aren’t around.


9. We love it when you investigate us and care for us

Men love it alot when wives show concern for them and investigate them. They literally want their wives to know this one thing for sure but never tell their girls themselves.


10. Your believe in us matters alot and your trust is our power

Deep inside, men need it all; they need their wives’ trust and believe in them very bad. But they always resist to tell them yet want badly to let them know this, too. Men are weird creatures, tbh!


However, our friendly advice to all the husbands out there is to stop hiding things in the pocket and let your wives know what you feel. This will surely strengthen your bond and makes you a power couple.

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