Things That Men Say When You Really Mean Something To Them


We hear so many things from men when they want to prove that they love us. But sometimes they say things other than the typical “I love you” on the random and we believe that this is just something normal everyone says.

But here are some things that men say which means “I love you” in men’s language. It could be to his daughter, to his younger sister, or even his spouse/partner.

1. Good morning my sweet little buddy/angel
Imagine getting up to your husband like this……damn!

2. Jee jee, main kerta hun us khotay ka ilaaj 

I think you get the picture here xD Happens when some other dude is either hitting on you, looking at you or even breathing around you. Jealousy at it’s finest.

3. Aww mera baby dar gaya, let me hug you, abhi dar jaye ga bhoot

This can happen during any horror movie. It’s mostly for making fun of you and also just an excuse to cuddle with you.

4. Koi baat nahi aj main dho deta hun bartan

So romantic you know xD

5. Bahir se kuch lana ho tou bata dena yaar

it could also translate to ” Agar baad main kuch yaad aya tou main dobara nahi jaounga” but it also means he cares enough.

6. Wait main abhi balance send kerta hun

*ding ding ding* you have found yourself an amazing partner

7. Kissi ki hai himmat? Koi nahi nuqsaan pohanchaye ga  apko main hun na

This is called “I don’t know how to deal with that lady but I’ll call her a churail as my support”

8. Sorry yaar mene tou qasam se dekha bhi nhi usko

This is your jealousy at the peak. Maybe you didn’t even notice anything and he just wants to make sure he isn’t in trouble xD

9. My wifey    

Bless up girls, that is straight up commitment

10. App jesi bhi roti banao gi I’ll love it    

This is called “I won’t complain coz I don’t want to lose you”

11. Ahem why are you blushing?

Just to make sure that he is trying to get flirty or make sure that you’re actually affected by his presence even when you aren’t.

 12. Janab itna late reply    

He actually gets worried you know, cut some of your ego and reply to him faster will you!

13. Koi kuch keh ke tou dikhaye apko

Just another translation of “How dare he/she?” 

 14. Us ne kia kaha apko main dekhta hun abhi

Jealousy coming up again, “How dare he touch YOU?”



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