15 things you can relate to while growing up a Pakistani.

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1. The most Awkward moment is when you are watching a movie or a Drama serial. Every thing is going good and suddenly you feel like There is something wrong about to happen. and yes it does and then the “AWKWARD” period starts when you start looking here and there… just to avoid that scene.


2. Every Mom and bai that cooks have some qualities of RAPPER.

3. When you are hungry, and search entire fridge just to see if there is any thing, and when you see inside the bowl there is always “SALAN” in it.

4. When Mom wants you to grow up and do things yourself.

5. If this game was not made, a lot of memories that we made would have been replaced by something else.

6. When you do pray and then left Jaanimaaz with out folding.


7. Baita Lights jala do ghar ki, roshni rahay ge , saray doors lock be kar do 😀


8. LOL, this might also apply to “Ullu ka Patha”.

9. Ge “Abbu GEE” , “Ge Ammi Jaan” , ” Ge bhai Jaan” , “Okay Appi GEE” and a lot of other GEE’s

10. Rose Petal na hota to kia hota ? 😀

11. The unusual long Muhalla Adress that you have to wrote again and again and again on forms while admission or letters.


12. Roti and Salan were really good but it came with a lot of smoke.

13. Darzi Bhai kharab mat karna me Eid/ Shadi/KIPS Color day :P/ event pe pehnanay haan.


14. “Shabash” … Toor do  , saray he toor do, free ke haan .

15. Desi Ghee ke parathay haan Putar , Jawan ban.

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