Things You Might Not Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

The king of all games, the game which enabled men to live together to laugh together, to cry together and to make history together. It is the  game, which created harmony among the whole World. YES! you are right we are talking about the game named football. Football is not just a game, its the life of people, its a passion which makes man play. The game of football sometimes joins the whole World or sometimes divide it into 2 parts. When talking about the king of football how it is possible that you will not talk about the king of football. The king Cristiano Ronaldo who broke his haters  into tears and made his followers feel joy.Before him the only person who ruled football was Leo Messi , but when he came as a  conqueror ,as a true hardworker and made Leo Messi just a cup of tea for himself.He came and made Messi to blew a 4:1 Ballon D’or lead ,which is the award given to best player in the World.The name of this beast is Cristisno Ronaldo.No one knew that a guy from Portugal,Madeira will rule the World.

From Nothing To King

Cristiano Ronaldo played in the streets of madeira telling his friends that one day he will show the World who he is,but his friends laughed making fun of him.he was also infected by a heart disease,which almost ended his football career,but the guy sticked to his dream,he never thought negatively.As per his admiration ,he finally started playing for a small club in Portugal,after playing couple of matches he came to the historic club of England Manchester United. This was the life making opportunity for him. At the time he was no way near among the best,still he never got demotivated and worked hard to achieve his ambition.he kept his stragedy until one day he joined the best club in the World Real Madrid for a record breaking fee of $80 million.That day and this day,he completed his statement and showed why he is the best.

More Than Just A Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo is not just best in football but also in all spheres of life. He is one of the most kind hearted celebrities,unlike other celebritites he is not way too self obsessed, he is not the kind of  person who keeps on saying that he is the best, but for him SKY IS THE LIMIT .Once Ronaldo said that,”i never ignored any among my fans who asks for signature or shirts” This shows that the word arrogance is not made for Him.On the other hand Ronaldo was also named as the most charitable celebrity by forbes in 2016.During the hard times of Palestine , he gave away loads of charity to the Palestinians , he also sold his gold boot and gave its money to palestinians.He helped many people who were disabled he provided them with funds for the operation. Ronaldo also sold his Ballon D’or (The most prestigious price in World football) to ‘make a wish list’ as a charity. This great attitude says it all about a celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Business Aside Football

Other than  football ,Ronaldo has also established himself in buisness. He has established his own brand named CR7‘.His brand is all about shoes and garments. Recently he also introduced his perfumes named ‘CR7 FRAGNANCES’. The average income of Ronaldo through his endorement is $30 million. These all interesting facts and a kind heart is all summed up in a name Cristiano  Ronaldo .

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