This 17 Years Old Girl’s Efforts Deserve Salute.


Pakistan is not lack of talent and good people at all. We can proudly say we have such great people in our nation who first think about other than for themselves after. We may talk about Late Edhi Sahab who helped not only Muslims but people all over the world. He served the humanity even donated his eyes.



Alhamdulillah, we don’t lack people who actually think about Pakistan and its future. A 17 years old girl, Maheen from Lyari is doing something worth appreciating.



She teaches the homeless and poor kids totally free. Even the whole expense of books, stationery and others is provided by Maheen’s father who feels extremely proud of her daughter and supports her in this kind deed.



Maheen is teaching about about 70-80 street kids right now and she says that providing knowledge to them gives her so much pleasure in return. Her main purpose of doing this work is she wants these kids to actually become the future of Pakistan rather than getting indulged into criminal activities because almost all the criminals arise from slum areas



She was also featured in KLF with her documentary “Hum Inteha Pasandi Ko Shikast Denge” made with help of her students which also won the prize.

We feel so proud of her efforts and want our leaders to just take note how this girl is trying to fight for education even she had no special resources. Bravo!


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