This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Wants You To Wear – Find Out Yours!


Your zodiacs can predict everything from past to the future from life to career from love to family. And when it comes to fashion and style your zodiacs have a very big impact on the way you carry yourself. 85% of your personality depends on the way you dress up so here is everything you need to know about the style statement of your signs.

Aries- Classy:
This is the sign that keeps itself elegant yet trendy. Comfort is their utmost priority but they always keep themselves updated with the latest style and trends. With mostly red in their wardrobe, Aries keep themselves comfortable yet classy with what they choose to wear.

Taurus- trendsetters:
When it comes to taking bold risks in fashion, Taurus lead the queue. They are the real trendsetters and are never afraid in taking the first step in the world of trends, not bothering about the followers. they enjoy trendy jackets and heavy and stylish jewellery.

Gemini- own statement:
Geminis don’t go with the flow in fact they don’t bother about the ongoing vogue. They are happy with their own style and fad. Geminis often follow their own state of mind and this way they experiment new styles with confidence. They can go from casual jeans and T-shirts to classical saris both with class and sense.

Cancer- beyond the trend:
When it comes to fashion cancers usually keep it easy, comfortable, flamboyant and mostly cotton. They go beyond the barriers to set their own way of fashion. They mostly prefer loose yet body-shaped outfits which highlights their best characters.

Leo- with the trend:
Experimentation is not a Leo’s thing. They would rather go with the agreed and tried trends, often ones that are classic and have a long lasting hit. They can mostly be seen in traditional outfits and give them a touch of trend and class.

Virgo- fashionistas:
Virgos are very conscious about their appearance and looks. Since style is their piece of cake, they are very much concerned about what would complement best with their clothes. From formal wears to pj’s they pay extra heed to each and everything that come in their way. Sunglasses serve as icing on the cake in a Virgo’s fashion statement.

Libra- Fashion; their way:
Fashion for a Libra is a blend of fun and trend. They are great at mixing something that is already inn with their own style statement. This turns out into a unique combo which reflects their personality with style and dignity. Libras love to deal in classic black tops.

Scorpio- Fashion entities:
Scorpios strongly believe in fashion as a way of expressing their personality therefore they take risks by combining personal fashion sense with creative and innovative ongoing trends. Along with their own signature style they also go well with the seasonal changes in the world of fashion. They are naturally attracted to animal prints.

Sagittarius- Casual yet confident:
Their taste in fashion is usually simple and casual. Everything that a Sagittarius wears shows their confidence and makes them look appealing. They would always carry their clothes for a long time if they are comfortable in it. They are often noticed to be timed and calculated.

Capricorn- Choosy: 
Capricorns are shopaholics. They would spend hours shopping for the right clothes to hang in their wardrobes. They go with their instinct when it comes to picking the right dress. Their natural ability to look at something and know if it is their size or not counts as a plus for Capricorns. They usually give a finishing touch to their outfits with a layer of scarve or stole.

Aquarius- White sparrows:
Aquarius are blessed with a very unique sense of fashion. They might seem care-free and free-spirited but they tend to dress up like angels and nymphs. One can get an idea about an Aquarius’s life by just glancing at their sense of style. As they are white sparrows they mostly play with shades of white.

Pisces- Play safe:
Pisces never leave their comfort zone. They are not good risk takers and avoid trying new stuff. They would jump into the boat of tried and tested trends rather than exploring a new one. Their taste comprises of usually blue white and black colors.

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