Thoughts Can Kill You Or May kill others


Our thoughts can make us or break us

They may kill us or may kill others

They can take you high above the sky or leave you awry

Thoughts are so powerful yet so powerless or helpless

Our thoughts if not used wisely can crush a heart or heal it

They can shame a soul or liberate it

They can shatter dreams or energize them

They can obstruct a connection or invite them

They can create defenses or melt them

They can be our worst enemy or best friend in journey

But why are we so helpless in their hands that they hurt us and they burn us

Our minds never sleep and never stop thinking they freak us even while we are sleeping

We can fill it with treasure or trash or stay stressed or blessed forever

They can do any amount of mischief from red letter day to a suicide venture

It is a recession when someone else loses his job

But it is a depression when you lose yours

An old lady can live longer with a cheerful mindset for years

A young learner with constant notion to ace in every test on every ground

Will age faster turning grey head all around.

A single negative comment that “You are a loser “can steal your joy away

They can forever torment you around in hundred and one ways.

A housewife   can drown herself in self- doubt of hopelessness of husbands disdain

Towards a meal, that she should have baked custard instead of mustard

A person’s intense romantic feelings may ruin his life if unrequited

Our thought gives us an emotional roller coaster ride feeling deliriously happy one minute and anxious and desperate the next

No one ever sins suddenly it grows in mind until it captures the person, his mind, his character, even his life

They cloud his all God given grace until they produce sins in his wheel of life which goes on and on…. loads on

Either you master your thoughts or they master you and enslave you   to a bottomless pit.

Our thoughts are like garden which cultivate our minds or leave them completely barren in no time

Our negative thoughts are a malicious challenge to mankind but no medicine has really dealt with them

Many can be rescued from this harmful chain of thoughts if they defuse them right on time.

But isn’t it always a second thought?

Do we ourselves want to be rescued or be preyed upon by the merciless cruelty of our own minds…?

Even when we are aware of its being in our own hands ….we loses.

Lose ourselves in the name of temporary pleasures and then punish

Punish ourselves for rest of our permanent treasures …

Hence our thoughts …they may kill us or may kill others….!!!





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I am story teller since I was a little girl, I used to surprise and scare my friends, family members and lots of kids with my silly stories. As a youngster I gave them a totally different perspective about difference situations. I never knew till I grew up and started writing short stories that I felt I cannot say in person I had this passion in me to write and send a message across. I feel nothing ever dies you can bring everything very much alive no feelings or person can die here nobody will reject you here and you are free to send your stories and take revenge in print. I love to write what people are unable to say and sometimes you have to risk making a fool out of yourself and it does gives me strength to do all things I am afraid of. A word after a word after a word is power only a writer knows.