This Is What Every 18 Year Old Should Know.


What advice I would give to my eighteen year old self? it is not even a tough question.

Even though I am nineteen only there are a ton of things I have learnt at the age of eighteen which I wish I would have known sooner. Eighteen was an age which was a very rocky ride for me. it was supposed to be “rock ‘n’ roll” for me however the “roll” literally rolled away and I was left with “rock” which shook me so hard that I turned into a being devoid of emotions.  I am sure that if I were given these advice beforehand I would have lived a better life at 18. The following are the things every eighteen to be needs to pay heed to.

These are not just because of my own experiences. The following advice are a cumulative of all the advice I have heard from every 18+.

1. Take care of your health. Look after your body. Join that gym. Eat those fruits and vegetables. If you don’t get fit now, there is a 99% chance your immunity is going to grow weaker when you cross the eighteen age.            

1. Don’t be sad if people leave. People who come in your life when you are 18-23, are those who are temporary.

2. Take your grades seriously but also enjoy life. the eighteenth year of your life won’t come again.

If you don’t get into that one university which you’ve always wanted to go to, don’t cry. Skies always clear after rain. There is something always better in it. If you don’t get into university at eighteen there is always a chance you can do it next year. 

Do apply abroad. Try online scholarships sites in December if you want to go to university the next year for studies.Learn something which will come handy in the future. Learn how to cook, how to drive, how to use a computer.

  1. Write a story, a blog or draw.
  2. Try looking for startups and contact them for jobs for teens. Considering you are basically an adult, they will definitely consider you for amateur things. If you want to know about startups search on Google “startups in (insert city)” 
  3. Take as much rest as possible. The dark circles you get in this age will remain with you forever.
  4. Drink lots and lots of water. I swear they will help you get rid of any problem. want to lose weight? drink water. Want to have clear skin? drink water? having problems with your man? Drown him 😀
  5. Read a novel or a book. Gain as much knowledge as you can. It is going to prepare you for entry tests too.
  6. Watch anime. Seriously. You’re gonna love it .
  7. If you think you’re in love at this age. You’re definitely wrong. Those are just hormonal changes in your body. If anything, crushes only waste your time.
  8. Don’t get emotionally attached to someone. You’re going to hate it if they leave.
  9. Reject anyone if they tell you they are in love with you. They will keep you waiting for them to propose but in the end it will turn out into a mess. Even if it is serious don’t get into a relationship. Anyone who claims that they love you, will come for your hand in marriage. It is a serious advice.
  10. If you have a skill, try to earn money from it. Try to be independent.
  11. Don’t listen to anyone who‘s talks and actions are making you feel depressed, or bringing you down. Believe in yourself to the fullest. Don’t listen to anything that seems like a rumor. Confirm first and then believe.

And the last one is the most important. You are loved, dattebayo! Don’t believe that you are never loved or even liked. 

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