These toon shows from childhood will definitely make you nostalgic!


Any 90’s or 00’s kid will recognize these shows from their childhood if they were a fan of the old Cartoon Network, Disney Channel or Nick Channel.

I am pretty sure you will recognize at least 5 of them. Here is a list of toon shows that will make you nostalgic!

Foster’s home for imaginary friends

Cartoon Network had some great shows man!

who doesn’t remember blue?

Blue’s clues from Nick

Blue’s clues! The thing that led me to loving Sherlock Holmes to be honest!

American Dragon 

Class of 3000

If you don’t remember this show you need to watch it again. I am sure you’ll remmeber something!

Cow and Chicken 

I am Weasel 


Courage the Cowardly Dog show 

This mofo scared the crap out of us man!

Danny Phantom 

OKAY CONFESSION TIME. He was legit my first ever crush. I din’t know it was a crush until I started watching anime and had further crushes.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The Jetsons

The Kids Next Door  

Nigel Uno yaad kisi ko?

Jimmy Neutron

Johnny Bravo

Ha, hoo, haaaa,…

The life and times of Juniper Lee

Kim Possible 

This was the first time I shipped two fictional characters without knowing what shipping was tbh

The emperor’s new groove



Richie Rich 

Who remembers Irona?

My gym Partner’s a monkey 



Fairly Odd Parents 

Dragon Tales 

Dragon tales, dragon tales, ao chalo hum sunain dragon tales.

Mega XLR

Anyone who remembers Kiva, Coop and Jamie?

Sym-bionic Titans 

Sheep in the Big City 

The Rugrats 

The Looney Tunes 

jitna pyara din hai, utnay pyaray hum. dikhne main hain chotay, nahi kisi se kam. Dadi maa hai pyari pyari, dil hai chota, ball bhari, ab ayegi meri baari hurray!

yahan Bugs hai Daffy bhi Taz or Lola, sweety sweety Tweety hai ab ajao tum bhi.

Camp Lazlo 

L-A-Z-L-O. Camp Lazlooooo was his name-oooooo.

Billy and Mandy

Popeye the Sailor man 

I am Popeye the sailor man. I’m strong to the finish coz I eat my spinach. I am popeye the sailor man tooo tooo.

Do I really need to tell who this is?

No, this is not the name of this show obviously. Mystery machine, mystery and a talking dog named Scooby-Doo

Power Puff Girls

Pink Panther 

To do

to do

to do, to do, to do, to dooo to doooooooooo, do do do.

There. Now you have got the lyrics of the theme song.

The Cramp Twins

Oh remember the into opening of this one? I never understood it in my childhood, but now that I have watched it again on Youtube I got shocked at what it actually was xD.

Horrid Henry 

Sorry kids of 2016-17, this came in my time actually.

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

Chalk zone

This was the original Shaka laka boom boom.




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