Top 5 Funny Advertisements You Have Surely Been Bothered By




Witnessing funny awfulness o  f Pakistani commercials, it is no secret that over the past months advertisement agencies have been promoting some horrendous commercials that have been a reasonable way of amusement for all of us. When we were just thinking of a commercial as the worst one, there were more in the making!

Recent feud between Chai and Coca Cola is no strange to Pakistanis. it all started when Coca-Cola introduced their advertisement where they completely showed their insecurity towards all Chai companies by adding the line where the groom refuses to drink coke Zalima, Coca-Cola Pilade It clearly showed how much Coca-Cola has hatred towards all the Chai lovers as well as all chai companies. As every action has a reaction so the Chai companies did not let this go without reacting in such an amusing way. Lipton introduced their advertisement where their tagline busted out as: *PAKISTANIS LOVE CHAI. ZALIMA..NICE TRY.

That just not puts a full stop to Pakistani commercials perhaps there are more and even vexatious ones.

  1. Faiza beauty Cream is widely known because of its serial number *223190* but its terrible production makes it uproarious.
  2. Zubaida apa whitening soap who’s slogan Ab gora hoga Pakistan is no less than funny as a joke,
  3. Colgate’s famous slogan Kia apke toothpaste main namak hai? which led to numerous memes all over Pakistan
  4. Ufone’s ad which ends with the actress saying Teri Meherbani in the most ridiculous yet hilarious voice was the joke of the century
  5. Last but not least, Kit Kat Telcam Powder; they even gave the term ‘talcum’ a new spelling and a new pronunciation which speaks volumes about the geniuses working behind this ad!

There are many other commercials which are embarrassing to even watch on TV but also, are a way of cheering someone as these advertisements includes funny dialogues and staging.

These are sure some of the most terrible advertisements described above.

If we are missing out on any, do let us know by commenting below:


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