Trailer of Namaloom Afrad 2 has Set our Hopes Really High.

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Namaloom Afraad 1 was released in 2014 and it caught the attention of entire Pakistan. With the budget of $860k it grossed over $1.25 Million. It got much appreciation.

Well, we all knew the sequel had to come but it was quite a surprise when they announced it release on Eid Ul Azha 2k17.

Namaloom Afrad 2 revolves around the Trio: Moon, Shakeel Bhai and Farhan but this time in Cape Town but their vandalism continues.

Our Trio at the Trailer Launch.

Unlike Namool Afrad 1, in the upcoming movie Hania Aamir will play the role of Moon’s love interest instead of Kubra Khan whereas Urwa Hocane and Fahad Mustafa will play their married couple roll.


Sight of our Beautifully Talented, HANIA AAMIR at the Event.

Our very beautiful and very talented, Sadaf Kanwal, will be flaunting her beauty in an item song.

Sadaf Kanwal at the Trailer Launch event last night.

A new actress Marina Khan will also be making a debut in the upcoming blockbuster.

Here is a Glimpse of the event that was held last night.


Official Trailer of the movie seems pretty Amazing

Watch it below:


Isn’t the trailer exciting? Oh, it is.

Hopefully the Movie will be as successful as its prequel and gain the critical praise as its prequel did back in 2017. Our hopes are high and after watching the trailer we are expecting nothing else.

Have a look at the official Poster of the Movie.

Source: Twitter


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