Some Tricks To Conduct Order To Your Home And Save Time


In life there are so many important things to do, but one of the most important thing is to clean all your mess. It is necessary to clean your home accessories once in a month.Cleaning is something you must do it and need a lot of determination for. Sometimes we spend our whole day in cleaning of our house, and did lots of effort to maintain our home to look clean and fresh as we want them to.

So, here are some shortcuts for cleanliness. You can apply these shortcuts and save your time.

For an spotless clean bathtub

Things you need in this process are vinegar, soapy solution and a spray bottle. First you have to heat vinegar but it should be warm rather than blistering hot. Mix the vinegar with soupy solution , now put the solution in the spray bottle. Your solution is ready!!! Now spray on your bath tub and leave it for 30 minutes. After that clean it with scotch brite. Now you can see the difference.


For unbeatable stains

Sometimes we got some permanent stains on our home walls. It might not be easy for you to clean it. Getting rid of such stains take lot if time and energy. Here are ways to do it quickly and easily.

1.In order to get rid of permanent stains squeeze toothpaste onto the wet cloth and rub it over the stain.
2.It can also be removed by body spray or hair spray. Spray it on the permanent stains and then wash it off with water.
3.Another way is to use soda. Put some amount of soda on sponge then rub the affected area now wash it off with water.


For cleaning of microwave

Lemon is very cheap way to clean unpleasant area, and is found in every kitchen. You have to cut lemon in half , place in a cup also add cinnamon in it. Place the cup in microwave and turn it on for 5-10 minutes on lower mode. After that you will have a clean and tidy microwave.


For removal of nail polish stains

If you dropped or smashed nail polish bottle , you will be in big tragedy. But there is no need to get worried about it. However,  nail polish stains are difficult to get rid of but there I a trick you can use here.
Before the nail polish dry you can put some nail polish remover on the affected area and leave it for a minute. Rub it with paper towel. But if the polish is dried apply hair spray and then wipe it with warm water and soap.


For cleaning of window paths

We spend lots of our time to clean our window paths , it takes lots of effort. Here is a way to do it without effort. Simple, sprinkle some baking soda on the hard areas, then put some vinegar on it. It starts bubbling. Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes. The mixture will fight with these hard stains. After that use paper towel to wipe the window paths.


For gleaming kitchen

We all ladies spend lots of time in the cleaning of our kitchen so, there is a simple and easy trick we have to follow. Mix some baking soda with vegetable, mix it well until you get a thick solution. Apply mixture to greasy  place and leave it for almost 20 minutes. Then wash it out with water or wipe it out with cloth with some soap solution.



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