Twitter Reaction to GT Road Rally


We all are aware of what is happening in our country mainly because it is all over our media. I scroll the TV channels and the first 30 channels are different news channels showing the same thing but with a different perspective. Even as I write this article, I am slightly in pain as our TV channel is roaring with the voice of news reporters at the rally as my dad is listening to it on volume 100.

But apart from all that, social media isn’t behind at all. All these aside, we must learn the boundaries of respect. There would be no peace if the youngsters of our country kept engrossed in dirty politics and diverted their attention from what they’re supposed to do. To be honest, humour is what keeps this country going if not dirty politics.

But keeping our humour clean and not letting it affect weak mindsets is the best we can do for Pakistan. There have been many jokes about rallies. It also happened when Imran Khan did his dharnas too. I hope we don’t repeat our mistakes while analysing both sides of politics.With a hilarious intake, I present to you the reaction of people on twitter.

We can’t really say anything, we all know it’s the truth

Bhai, vote haq hai humara! Sada haq ethay rakh!

This is what one journalist is saying! Wonder what others have to say?

Looks like some people don’t like lovey dovey things

Sarkon pe hain bhai, sarkon pe!

Final verdict tou 2018 ke election main aye ga!

Dekhiye sirf Twitter nes per…sab se agay…sab se behter

From GT Rally to Murder Rally

Uff, learn from foreign journalists you illiterate people!

Hum Isloo nahi turkey tak jayen ge! Sherrrrrrr

Hitler tou kuch bhi nahi hai!

hair gel kia, Brush bhi gift kerde koi!

Sarre mile ke gao!


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