Twitter War: Battle of Rishi Kapoor and Pakistan



Since the Champions trophy has started, a war has broke out on the twitter. No matter which two teams are playing at India or Pakistan is one of them. It provides Pakistan and India just enough reasons to troll each other.

But since it has been finalized that the final will be played between the long time rivals India and Pakistan, the tweets have taken a new turn.

The war between Rishi kapoor and Pakistanis started with the immature tweet by Rishi Kapoor.

What does it even mean BTW? But the replies he got were epic! Here are they:

Furqan Shayk tweeted in respince to the mock of elderly Rishi Kapoor :

In response to one tweet, our Pindi Boy tweeted:

Some Pakistanis youngsters even schooled him about mannerisms and respect:

Then Rishi Kapoor again striked:


And Pakistanis had Epic Come backs as usual:

Zaid Ali  also spoke:



Feels like Rishi Kapoor has decided to not stop and  lose all the  respect in the  heart of Pakistanis.

And the war is still on and has escalated to new levels. It is expected to continue till Sunday and beyond.

The match will not only decide the fate of Champion’s Trophy but also the twitter war. Let’s see who wins!

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