Two Sides Of Pakistan Ignored Either Intentionally Or Unintentionally


Pakistan is a “Developing Country” we have been listening to this statement long ago but what makes a country developed? answer of this question lies in one picture which contains two sides. At one side of picture we see poverty-stricken people living in Thar, dying due to unavailability of water and food on the contrary there is massive amount of people shopping and spending time aimlessly in shopping malls not only this, they spend huge amount of money on those events like Bridal shower and Baby shower, which are non-existent in our culture.These events are clearly not just a waste of resources but also damage our cultural values by depicting wrong image in the sight of other Nations. Why to take loans from World bank and IMF when our priorities have taken a wrong direction. What is a tool to measure economic development or what we call a ” Developed Nation” answer is living standard of people which can be judge by looking at these pictures.


True depiction of Pakistan 

Bridal shower

Do we really need to spend on it or it can be spend some where else?People hard earned money are disbursing on these events which do not reflect our cultural values!



Whom should we give more priority to?

If we see one side there is luxurious lifestyle of people living in urban areas, living only for their desire’s and on the other hand people are starving to death , battling with life for the survival. Necessities of people living in Thar are being sacrificed in exchange for the luxuries of Elite class. This UN-balanced Consumption pattern is not just restricted only to Thar bur vast majority areas of Pakistan. Now Question arises here is that Is Pakistan a poor country or it is just a huge income disparity between people living in urban and rural areas? or Miss management in allocation of resources? Answer of all these questions lies within ourselves, we should pay attention towards our living standard and income level.  This one pic and its two sides issue has been ignored from many years either we are ignoring it intentionally or either we are too busy in our live’s to even look at it?


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