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Unheard Screams | Aimon Aziz

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Standing by a mirror that was hanged on the wall in front of her, she was gazing with the voidness, deep into her eyes, and then at that innocence on her face. A girl in the mirror was asking, ‘What was my fault?’ All she could say to that girl was “I’m sorry, you were not meant to bear all this.” And then a few drops of salty water made their way from her eyes, down to the cheeks. She had heard tears used to be colorless, but she couldn’t sort it out that why they made her eyes red. Neglecting them, she turned the tap on, sprinkled some water in her eyes, and induced a smile on her face, agonizingly . A smile that was fake but it buried thousands of such feelings somewhere deep inside the heart and moved on. It was not the first time, she often used to wear that smile as a bandage to hide her wounds. Now she had to pretend lackadaisically. She was perfect in doing this. And luckily, no one ever caught that fake smile. No one was interested to do so. She was used to bear this all alone. She wanted to scream it out to the world, but in the world full of materialistic minds, no one was there to listen her, to console her in the hours of need. They never knew that the cause of her pain were only those people to whom she trusted relentlessly.

It was not only she who was suffering, but almost every girl has a story, a story which is undefined but wanted to be known. All they need is some affection, concern and some words of kindness from someone who would stand by her no matter what. It can make them strong beautiful women.

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