Universe Speaks To Those Who Listen.


    The clock ticks at 3, the failures, depression and series of underwhelming events flashes in the memory bulb. The serenity and warmth of winter night, fades away under the wrath of helplessness. The questions that hinder answer within her are still wandering around unanswered. Does it happen to every being on the face of earth? Am I the only aimless creature in the world? The questions were multiplying though the answer count barely moved ahead.

    The burden was difficult to bear, she jumped off the bed and marched towards the terrace to have a breath of life and to release suffocation building up. How beautiful that night was cold breeze kissed her cheeks every now and then. She unrolled her sleeves and laid on the floor to have a glance at the mesmerizing Sky fall.


          A Session with Universe

    The romance between a moon and million stars was a treat to watch, how gently the moon was moving astray from the climbing stars just to ensure its visibility and its superiority over them. Although, at some point it was overshadowed by the clouds, but that duration barely last for a minute as compare to its long lasting grandiosity. Was it conveying a subliminal message to her? Indeed it was, she realized that she is a moon surrounded by millions of opportunities that she remain oblivious of. She failed at some but manage to grab a portion too. Right now, she is nothing more than a soul trapped within a fiasco. But, every hurricane is followed by wellness. Maybe today is not her day, but, she realized that every day is a new beginning, every breath is a blessing.


            You are a moon, know yourself


    The universe answered it all for what she was worried about since long. Verily, the universe speaks to those who dare to listen, who are keen to find answers within the labyrinth they are being stucked into. She stood up, shrugged herself and as soon as she walked away she already knew what to do next.

                Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself – Rumi

    Find solution to your problems yourself. If you can’t, Don’t Worry, the Majestic universe is still there to guide you.

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