Our Brain Can Be Dangerous Because Of Our Thoughts


What does one write when his/her mind is bursting with thoughts?

What does one say when all you can hear are the silent screams.

How does one attain peace when it’s a raging storm inside?

When it’s just a mess how do you sort it out?

So lost in the darkness how do you find the light to guide you home?

Human brain is a complex creation.

Truly a miracle.

Now i am surely not some medical student who can bore you with parts of brain and what they do.

But i know one thing that brain does.

And that one thing is the dangerous of them all.

Brain thinks.

One must wonder what’s the big deal if brain thinks.

It is kind of a job of brain to think and to gain knowledge.

But it’s not just that.

When a brain does end up thinking it can take you down the darkest parts of your life.

Or it can take you to the path where all is well and its rainbow and sunshine.

Brain has the uncanny ability to affect our mood.

It can bring us to a happiness high or put us down the depressing lane.

That’s not even it.

Brain can do all this within seconds.

You’ll be having the time of your life one moment and the next you’ll be just wanting to cry your heart out.

It shifts us around like a race car driver shifts his car’s gears.

So quick and effortlessly.

I, for one, am known as the happiest person.

I am jolly, fun and will always be one laughing and smiling.

But that’s just because i try to keep my brain shut at those times.

You would not even recognize me if you met me at a time when it is just me and my brain.

Me and brain in their zone with thoughts.

If like me you have an overactive imagination you would understand my predicament.

It is never easy to shut your brain out for a while.

But when your brain, your mind, is active like a hyper child it never shuts up.

It would take you from one school of thought to another and you would end up being like ‘woah what just happened!’

Questions will lead to questions.

And answers to answers.

But even then it won’t be as clear as it seems.

But it will be the quite opposite.

Yes it will be a mess.

A mess that you would have no idea how to clean and put away.

Scattered like toys in a living room.

But then it would be your brain who would tell you ..

Just be hell with it all!

I tired!

Lets sleep.

And that would be just that.

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