Use Of VPN Proved That In Today’s Digital World, Blocking Media Doesn’t Work Anymore


As there is a dharna going on in Islamabad by the Islamic groups and as a result of chaos, the Government of Pakistan decided to block not only electronic media but also social media but who knew that VPN is there too.

However, the Government blocked media due to some security risks and further, as a precaution that more people shouldn’t get involved in these protests because of the protesters’ enraged videos and campaign on media.


In democratic period, such blockage of media is totally against freedom of speech. Government should know that every person sitting out there with a phone has got his own mind and intellect and can think in his own way; no one can get so easily influenced that he would decide to join the protest.

If the protestors seriously hold some valid points then it’s quite obvious that people will start supporting them otherwise no one will quit their life routines and jump into the protests.

The protestors at Faizabad Dharna have certain demands which also include the resignation of Zahid Hamid, the Law Minister of Pakistan because of his alleged role in a recent amendment which stands withdrawn now.

However, blocking the media by Government because of instability only created little disturbance and inconvenience in public’s lives especially in those, whose jobs are related to online businesses and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc.

But no one waited till the normalization of situation and started to search for ways that can give them access to these platforms despite the blockage.

Many people around the country were quick to install Hotspot Shield’s free Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Hotspot Shield’s free VPN is basically an application that provides free access to blocked content, plus, privacy and security.


So, by installing this app, people around the country are using and getting access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. even after blockage.

The point is basically this, that today where technology has no bounds and has touched the peaks of evolution, it has likely facilitated the people as well with its different inventions.

The people of digital world no longer get irked or enraged by these restrictions. Instead they find new ways to cope with the barriers.




So, the respectable democratic governments should think twice while imposing such sanctions that whether they are going to work even or no.

If the soul purpose of blockages isn’t getting fulfilled then putting the restriction is totally useless.

VPN proved aptly that blocking media is clearly not working in Pakistan anymore. So, better to think beyond putting the blockages and cope with the disorder instead, in the best and peaceful way possible without putting any sanctions.

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