Veena Maliks plead finally to be accepted. As heard in the

news, yes it is true. 3 years of marriage and its all over now.

According to the facts, she had filed her case of divorce from

her “them” husband, Asad Khattak, stating that they can not

live together.

It has already been above 3 months that they have been

living separate despite the fact that their two beautiful kids

Abram and Amal are lacking behind.

After interviewing the actress herself many have declared

that the main reason causing behind their tussle was her

husbands disapproval towards her career.

Veena being an actress since 2000 has a well known image in

the industry. Asad has been accused to stop her from her

career and align her to handle family instead.

Dealing with all of this, Veena is also declared to give back

25% of her dowry finance.

A beautiful couple indeed came to an end. Knowing the facts,

who would you be in favour for ? Veena or Asad ? Let us

know in the comments below.

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