Virat And Anushka Set The Dance Floor On Fire At Zaheer Khan’s Wedding Reception


To be honest, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are totally couple goals as how both of them share a beautiful and perfect chemistry.

Whether it’s a TV ad or an award show, both never fail to make us love them even more. Their love life started in 2013 but the pair started making public appearances in 2016.

Click of Virat and Anuskha from an ad
Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma at an award show

The duo leaves everyone awestruck by their appearances and recently both of them were just spotted at Zaheer Khan’s wedding.

The fans didn’t even get over the adorable pictures of Virat and Anushka from the wedding yet that a video of their dance on Punjabi song from Zaheer Khan’s reception got circulated on the social media.

And trust me, this video of both them is certainly the best thing from Zaheer Khan’s wedding reception.

Zaheer Khan is a former Indian cricketer who recently got married to Sagarika Ghatge. Sagarika Ghatge is a Bollywood actress who shared big screen with Shah Rukh Khan in Chak De! India.

Though it’s interesting that in movie, Sagarika rejected a cricketer’s proposal to follow her dreams.

However, the Anushka-Virat duo was in limelight at Zaheer-Sagarika wedding reception.

With black lehenga, where the Bollywood actress looked totally gorgeous, Virat Kohli also looked dapper in grey and both of them were absolutely complementing each other.

Many other celebrities like Sushmita Sen, Yuvraj Singh and Sania Mirza also made it to the wedding reception of Zaheer and Sagarika.

Though both Anushka and Virat looked adorable while dancing but Virat’s energy was far more than Anushka’s.

The pair is ideal for many as it’s no different from any dream couple where a captain of cricket team falls in love with a pretty diva.

Days before, Virat Kohli in an interview also admitted that Anushka Sharma is her lady luck and that she played a great role in enhancing his personality.

Anushka also doesn’t shy to express her relation and feelings for Virat now openly and this is what makes them goals for many.

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