Virat Croons “Mere Mehboob” For Wife Anushka During Their Wedding Events And It’s So Adorable


As we all now know that both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are finally married and our newsfeed is over flowing with their shaadi’s posts. Obviously, we are loving it all.



In the midst of all the wedding’s pictures and videos, the clip of Virat signing “Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hugi” for wife Anushka has stolen the show.

Oh, yeah yeah! The world’s best cricketer is not only a good dancer but a singer as well as Virat was singing so well and we have already seen him dancing with Anushka at several occasions quite amazingly.

The classic taste of Virat in music is reflected from this video and we can clearly see Anushka sitting in between audience and applauding her man.

The video of the Indian cricket team’s captain signing this old classic of Kishore Kumar seems to be from one of the wedding festivities which had taken place in Tuscany, Italy.

Initially, there were just rumours about their wedding and no confirmed news; everyone was quite curious that what’s the real scene and till the last minute, media was totally unaware with the happenings in Italy.

So, basically their wedding was totally a private one but as soon as both Virat and Anushka informed everyone about their wedding via their social media accounts, the news took the internet by storm as many pretty awesome captured moments from this “shaadi of the year” came out.



Anushka and Virat always share a magical chemistry and being in relationship for years, both of them proved that true love still exists which understands the meaning of loyalty and sticking with the one person all your life.


Just like the video in which Virat croons for Anushka came on scene, many other videos appeared and melted our hearts right away.

From their engagement’s video to baraat’s one, every single clip managed to gather all the praise and love from us.

However, both the celebrities will have their wedding reception in India and all the eyes are on this last event. We wish the couple all the best and hey you! Stay here as there would be more coming out related to this amazing shaadi.

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