• Us, human beings, have an uncanny ability of not paying importance to certain significant things.

We give our attention to pointless stuff but often ignore what really matters.


Have you ever wondered how significant a voice is in our life?

I can easily bet you haven’t.

A voice of that certain someone can do miracles.

Imagine a restless baby in his mother’s womb.

He has been restless for a while now.

But as soon as his mother or even his dad starts talking to him, he calms down.

Take example of kid crying.

As soon as his elder sibling talks to him he soothes down.

Even growing up.

He would only go to sleep listening to his dad telling him a good night story.

How when that kid grows up more and is upset and comes running into his mom’s arms crying.

He would only be okay after hearing that sweet voice of his mother.

Over a period of time we meet different people.

Different people with different voices and then we get close to that certain voice.

That certain voice is all that we crave to hear.

Even we are able to recognize that voice from afar.

And then we even end up falling asleep listening to them on call.

Because that certain voice brings us peace.

That certain voice soothes us.

And that voice becomes our home, Our safe haven.

Now even voice is differentiated by its tone. style and even pitch.

The harshness, sweetness, full of emotions voice can all take you different phases.

Voice has that magical effect on us that we would never even realize.

Because like i said it seems pretty insignificant.

But voice can do miracles for a person.

A voice can and is a light in dark abyss.

It’s a voice that captures you and keeps you prisoner.

It’s the voice that can even affect your mood.

Voice is a blessing that really should be cherished and be thankful.

As we all know certain about of people do not even have this blessing.




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