Waseem Badami To Launch Herbal Product And We Wish Him Good Luck


The man who has history with headlines has just taken a step forward to a new one by opening a Skincare line of his own, recently this Sunday on 14th of May in Dubai, Waseem Badami who is widely known for his skills of confronting; even the most controversial politicians nonetheless the menace has just shocked the whole country by his new business venture. And he has selected WB (the initials of his name) as the name for his brand!

Waseem Badami gave his media statement on ARY Digital Asia: “I’ll be honest, I am not yet a big user of organic food or other stuff, but I am quickly coming towards this. And I can see around me that people’s perception is also changing. People want the healthy, herbal lifestyle in a modern way. There is a want in the consumers and it’s a trend all over the world that has also reached Pakistan so this is something which we will be offering to our customers.”

He adds, “Our tagline is Qudrat jaisa khalis (pure like nature) for an ‘organic, beautiful and natural you’, so a wide range of products, which give a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.”

Junaid jamshed and Waseem badami sharing precious moments

Giving all the credit to (Late) Junaid Jamshed, a good friend for his big move, he said that Junaid Jamshed ‘Bhai’ played a huge and very important role in WB. He also reveals that he has chosen Hemani Herbals which is also a skincare brand to partner up with for working on this line together. To proclaim his decision, he also discussed: “Of course, I did a lot of research on my part and I went with this brand only after I was convinced that Hemani does not compromise on quality and delivers exactly what they promised. I know that if I put my name with something I am putting my own credibility on the line. This was not a small decision for me. I paid attention to their performance, the feedback, Junaid Jamshed’s character and much more, before taking this on.”

Launch information of WB

His skincare and beauty products are formulated for hair, beard and face as well; and depicts natural ingredients. Also, he is ready to launch in Karachi today! Besides, he told media that soon it will spread out all over the globe too, hopefully.


We are looking forward to try this product soon and hoping for astounding results, are you excited too?

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